Exploring the Latest Design Trends in Homes

Styles are constantly changing with the times, whether they involve fashion, decor or hairstyles. Maybe bellbottoms will come back someday or perhaps we will once again rock big, feathered bangs. And, who knows, dark paneled walls and orange shag carpeting could be in vogue in the future once again. It can be hard to predict what trends will strike the next generation’s fancy, but today’s home design choices embrace modern yet familiar elegance and celebrate sleek style. We will examine a few of the more popular design choices we have seen this year.

Be inspired in your living spaces

Your home is there to greet you after a long day, so it is important to have a foyer and living area that give you joy and make you feel relaxed. One of the hallmarks of many Perry Homes models are entryways with tall, open ceilings that soar to grand heights. The stately 12-foot ceilings we offer in many of our homes provide visitors an awe-inspiring moment when they step into your foyer.

Fireplaces continue to be a mainstay in living rooms, and this is an option that is available with most Perry Homes models. One beautiful trend we have incorporated in many of our homes are wood mantel fireplaces, which gives your home a modern farmhouse vibe when paired with smooth tile or weathered stone.

As staircases are generally one of the first things people see when they step into your home, it is important that great care is taken to ensure you make a proper first impression with them. This beautiful move-in ready home with metal spindles lining the staircase gives guests a lovely snapshot of contemporary design.

Though beige used to be the go-to color for walls, now gray is making its way onto the scene. Gray is a wonderful neutral that goes well with many of our tile, hardwood and fixture upgrades. Ceramic tile is still a very popular choice, including wood-look tile, which gives you beauty and durability. When you build with us, our design professionals at our Design Center will take into account your style and preferences to help you find the perfect match for your family.

Let there be light—in your living room, that is. Many homebuyers are opting for living rooms with walls of windows that allow light to pour in and illuminate all your gorgeous finishes. Be inspired by the natural light that the windows in this move-in ready home in Austin allows. Grand windows not only look impressive; they also show off the beauty of your home.

A design trend that is focused more on the functional aspects of living as opposed to the beautiful is having a laundry room with an adjoining mud room. Home design should cater to both aesthetic and basic needs, and we have found that busy families need a command center for arriving and leaving home. To save valuable space in the laundry room—space that should be reserved for dirty clothes or folding stations—Perry Homes now offers separate mud rooms in many of our models to help our homebuyers on top of organization and make leaving and arriving home more seamless.

Dine and bathe in style

Kitchens are common gathering places for the whole family, making design choices in this room particularly important to create the right vibe. For countertops, stone is still the preferred choice, with granite and quartz countertops as the most popular choices. Granite offers beautiful color and pattern options, and they provide durability and style that will last you for years to come. To complement the natural stone, people choose a variety of backsplash designs, but subway tile has been a rising star this year.

Though appliance finish trends have seen many changes over the years—in the 70s, avocado green was a player; in the 80s, white was a shining star; and the 90s glorified black—stainless steel has endured as the preferred option for today’s buyers.

Recessed lighting is still a very popular choice for kitchens and living rooms, but some buyers are opting for statement pieces in certain areas, such as modern domed light fixtures or a striking chandelier.

Bathroom trends mirror those of the kitchen, with granite countertops and elegant fixtures dominating homes. Garden tubs and spacious showers lined with tile are standard in most master bedrooms, which provide you sanctuary after a long day.

What are some new home trends you love? Let us know in the comments!