4 Advantages That Home Ownership Has Over Renting

4 Advantages That Home Ownership Has Over Renting

Home ownership offers many benefits. Aside from the pride that comes with having something to call your own, there are tangible benefits that come with the territory. We are all familiar with the financial advantages—gaining equity, not throwing rent money away, getting tax advantages, and building money for your future by getting a return on your investment. But there are several perks beyond money that give buying a boost over renting.

Embrace your own style

When you own your own home, you are free to make it your own. If you buy a resale home, you can paint the walls, replace the flooring, install a new backsplash – the sky’s the limit! One advantage to buying new construction is the opportunity to personalize your new home for your décor preferences and lifestyle.

Enjoy social benefits

Owning a home typically means joining a neighborhood community. Being a part of something can have enormous positive benefits on your life, including encouraging you to become more active in community events and be more likely to engage in civic matters. It will also enable you to create lasting, impactful relationships with neighbors and friends in the community. Sharing a neighborhood or area creates a bond between you and others, and the result can be a wonderful boost in your social life.

golden retriever dog sprawled out on grey upholstered couch with throw pillow and sunlight coming in through windows

Golden retriever sitting on a couch in a home

Get the pet you want

No more strict rules on how many pets you can have per apartment; no more expensive pet deposits that you’ll never get back. When you own a home, the risk of chewed-up carpet and scratches on doors falls entirely on you. Also, many apartment complexes have restrictions on dog size and breed. When you own a home, you are free to get the pets you want.

Keep neighbors at a comfortable distance

When you rent an apartment, you are always surrounded by neighbors. You may have people above you stomping on the floor or people next door blaring their music that goes straight through your thin walls. Even if you rent a home, you still have to worry about your landlord coming in at a moment’s notice. You live there, but your home is not your own. When you own a home, you have the buffer of your yard to keep you from being inundated with neighbors’ noise. And no one gets to come in without your permission.

Owning a home provides a sense of security and peace that goes beyond financial wellness. Considering putting down roots? Check out our extensive selection of Perry Homes!

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4 Advantages That Home Ownership Has Over Renting

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