4 Easy DIY Furniture Projects for Beginners

4 Easy DIY Furniture Projects for Beginners

Feeling a little ambitious and want to add some personal flair to your home? Making your own furniture can be a fun way to bring a unique touch to your home’s decor. The key is to start small with some things that even beginners can do. You don’t need to be an expert woodworker. You just need to have patience, time, and the vision to see the amazing final product.

Rest your head in style

Headboards go a long way in adding distinct style to your bedroom. Not only do they provide a striking visual instead of just a boring wall, they also give you a nice place to prop your head when in bed reading or watching television. To start, cut a piece of plywood to fit the length of your bed and to the desired height. There are a few different options you can do with this basic frame. As seen on Property Brothers, you can craft a gorgeous look for less by decorating it with Stikwood. Or you could use ceiling tiles to create an elegant and tasteful look. A current popular trend is to make a tufted headboard with padding and fabric, which allows you plenty of customization options between the fabric and buttons.

Make an entrance

When you come home, you need a place to organize your things: purses and jackets; backpacks and keys. Whatever your needs, an entryway organizer can help you streamline your life and get in and out the door faster. The best thing about making your own is being able to customize it to your exact needs, from how many hooks you need to what size nook you need for your keys.

The size you make will depend not only on your needs, but also on the space you have for the organizer. You may prefer something small for just inside the door, or you may want something with even more storage space. Regardless of the size you need, this helpful list of types of styles will get you started.

yellow chairs next to glass coffee table with bookshelf in the background

Add flair to storage

It’s easy to find bookshelves that will work for you, but making your own will go so much further in making a unique style statement in your home. Industrial looks can be pricey, but you can save a lot if you do it yourself. This pipe and wood bookshelf makes a gorgeous place to store books, decor, and more. Or try an A-frame bookshelf and paint it to go along with any style decor. If you’re not sure what style suits you, Pinterest is always a great place to go for inspiration.

Trends in tables

Want a coffee table that is both stylish and has plenty of storage? This video shows you step by step instructions, even allowing room for your own customizations. Love mid-century modern pieces? This project results in a gorgeous table that can be used as either a nightstand or an end table.

Making your own furniture might seem intimidating, but it can be done with some planning and determination. Next time you need to get something for your home, consider making it yourself! Need some inspiration? Browse through our home gallery for design ideas and get motivated to put a unique stamp on your home!

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4 Easy DIY Furniture Projects for Beginners

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