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What Is a Smart Home? Explore Features, Benefits & More

Do you know what a smart home is? Explore the many perks of incorporating smart home features throughout your space, from energy efficiency and convenience to greater security and control...Read More

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Searching for a New Home? Explore Our 3 Most Popular Home Styles

Your home should not only be beautiful to look at — it should also reflect your personality and needs. Explore three popular home styles Perry Homes offers to help you find your dream home....Read More

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Perry Homes’ Tradition of Excellence: Quality

We believe attention to detail is everything. Learn why our standards for quality, a pillar in Perry Homes’ Tradition of Excellence, exceed buyers’ expectations every time....Read More

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4 Steps to Creating a Homework Space in Your Home

Creating a homework space in your home can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Explore our tips to design the ideal space for your child this school year....Read More

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Explore Perry Homes’ 3 Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

From granite to quartz, these popular kitchen countertop materials are the perfect complement to any chef’s oasis. Explore price range, durability, customization and more with this handy guide....Read More

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Perry Homes’ Tradition of Excellence: Industry-Leading Warranty

Looking for a beautifully designed home that will maintain its quality over time? Explore Perry Homes’ industry-leading warranty, a pillar of our Tradition of Excellence....Read More

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The New Construction Advantage: Move-in Ready Homes Available

Choosing between buying a home that is newly-built or years old can be a tough decision, but it doesn’t have to be. Explore the top six reasons homebuyers should purchase a new construction home from Perry Homes instead of buying a used home....Read More

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3 Tips for Designing Children’s Spaces in Your Home

If you have unused space in your Perry home, why not transform it into a place for your child to play? These tips will provide inspiration for designing a children’s space that is both well-organized and fun....Read More

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Entryway Design Ideas That Make an Impact

Making a positive first impression on your guests starts with an impactful entryway. Looking to spruce yours up? These entryway design ideas will provide the perfect inspiration....Read More

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Perry Homes’ Tradition of Excellence: Superior Design

Perry Homes creates living spaces that match your style and simplify your life. Learn why superior design, an important pillar of our Tradition of Excellence, will provide you with the personalized home you always dreamed of....Read More

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