4 Must-Have Gadgets For Your Home

4 Must-Have Gadgets For Your Home

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, recently stated that we are living in a golden age of technology. With artificial intelligence (AI) devices automating aspects of almost every industry, home product manufacturers are beginning to utilize these technologies as well. From cleaning the house to making coffee in the morning, these devices can make consumers’ lives significantly easier. Listed below are four of the most useful home gadgets for you to enjoy.

Smart Speaker

One of the most commonly recognized and utilized pieces of AI technology is the smart speaker. In 2014, Amazon launched the Echo and sparked the proliferation of this new product category. While many individuals were originally skeptical of having a device in their home that appeared to be “listening in” on their daily lives, the smart speaker has grown steadily in popularity over the past few years. Google and Apple have since recognized the market growth and launched their own versions.

While each brand has its own unique features, all smart speakers allow the user to connect smart devices through WiFi. This allows a huge multitude of different uses, from playing music to calling for a car through a ride sharing app to ordering a pizza. For those interested in delving into the world of home automation devices, smart speakers are a good place to start.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Another popular piece of smart technology, the robot vacuum cleaner, allows individuals to do one of their least favorite chores without ever getting up from the couch. For most vacuum cleaners, the user simply has to pre-set a time when they want their vacuum to make its rounds, and voila. For those looking to finish all of their chores in one sitting, there are several models that also mop the floors after vacuuming.

While the “Roomba” brand is the most well-known, a great multitude of cleaning supply companies have recognized the usefulness of the robot vacuum cleaner and begun developing their own models. The best brand for you may depend on what floor material you have and the size of your home.

Smart Coffee Makers

Waking up in the morning can be incredibly difficult without the perfect cup of coffee. With smart coffee makers, there is no need to fumble with grinders or hot water before your eyes are fully open. These devices allow you to control exactly when the perfect cup of coffee is made through a smartphone, allowing your coffee to be steaming hot and ready to drink before you even get out of bed. For individuals who prefer a stronger jolt of energy in the morning, there are smart espresso machines on the market that offer a large amount of unique customization styles and delicious variety.

Baby and Pet Monitors

Are you worried about your children when you are in the next room? Or your dog when you leave for work? Consider a children’s monitor or pet camera that can be connected to your phone. Unlike traditional cameras, these monitors allow different customization options and more interaction. While the specific features depend on the individual camera, common characteristics include the ability to view the camera from a Smartphone, a speaker that allows you to be heard from afar, and even treats to be dispensed to a patient puppy.

At Perry Homes, we want to help you make your home as comfortable as possible. Consider adding these useful gadgets to your life in addition to the integrated smart technology now standard in every home we build at no additional cost. Learn more about Smart Comes Standard.

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4 Must-Have Gadgets For Your Home

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