4 Tips to Get Your Patio Summer-Ready

4 Tips to Get Your Patio Summer-Ready

Summer has arrived, and with it an entire season of hosting parties with friends, family, and neighbors; relaxing after a long day with a cool drink in hand; or watching the kids burn off some pent-up energy. Make sure your backyard oasis brings you joy with these 4 basic maintenance tips that will help you get the space ready for weeks of enjoying the scenery.

Clean the patio floors

Dirt, dust, and debris can build up over time, and the hot summer is the perfect time to give your patio area a much-needed wash. Start by sweeping away leaves and sticks that have fallen from trees and plants, making sure to get in the corners. You may need to move the furniture around to get every spot. Then grab a bucket with soapy water along with a stiff brush to lift ground-in dirt from nooks and crannies. Rinse with a hose or pressure washer to unveil a fresh, clean look that will inspire you to sit outside and admire it.

Wash the furniture

After a long allergy season full of pollen, your outdoor furniture likely needs a good scrub to be ready for entertaining once again. How you clean it will depend on the material. Plastic furniture requires simple cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner and a soft rag or sponge. Metal furniture cleans up nicely with a sponge and a splash of dish soap mixed with water, but keep an eye out for rust. You can use steel wool or a wire brush to get rid of this, and paint for protection in the future. Wood furniture and fabric of any kind will require a bit more care. Both do well with diluted laundry detergent mixed in water. For fabrics, try a water-repellent fabric protector to make maintenance in the future easier.

Liven it up with decor

Outdoor Patio with Fence and Flat-screen Television

Put as much care into your patio as you would for the inside of your home. Choose pieces that complement the furniture, fit your style, and make you happy. Maybe this means decorative art to grace your stone or brick walls or a stylish side table you can use to set down drinks and snacks. Don’t forget about beautiful pots for plants, even if you have a flower bed or garden.

Tidy your surroundings

Spending time on your patio means your view will be whatever’s in your backyard, so be sure to keep it nice and neat so you can enjoy your time outside and not be thinking about chores. Mow the lawn on a regular basis, weed and/or refresh the flower beds, and take care of any broken fence pieces, unruly branches, overgrown trees.

No matter how you’ll spend your time outdoors this summer, you’ll enjoy it more with a nice patio that will allow you to relax. Are you looking for a patio to call your own? Check out our selection of homes!

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4 Tips to Get Your Patio Summer-Ready

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