4 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

4 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

Having neighbors you can turn to in a pinch is always nice. Whether you need to borrow a cup of flour or ask them to check on your place while you’re out of town, good neighbors you can trust are a treasure. When you move into a new neighborhood, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the local community, but sometimes it can be hard to initiate a meeting without feeling awkward. Here are 4 relatively pain-free ways to meet your new neighbors without feeling weird about it.

Introduce yourself

It sounds so simple, but it really is the easiest way to establish a relationship. Knocking on your neighbor’s door soon after you move in is a great way to get off on the right foot. If you feel strange just going over to smile and say hello, bring some baked goods with you. No one can resist cookies! If you introduce yourself right away, you won’t have to worry about an awkward meeting at a time when it’s not convenient to say hello, such as when you’re running out the door and late to work.

Host an event

Who doesn’t love an excuse to have a party? Inviting neighbors over for a small and simple get together is the perfect way to get to know them. Plus, you can show off your gorgeous new house. If having people over isn’t your thing, consider coordinating a block party or neighborhood night out. This takes the pressure off you doing everything, and it allows you and your neighbors to really come together as a community.

Plan a play date

If you find you’re too shy to meet people on your own, let your kids help you do it! If there are other kids on the street who are close in age to your children, organize a playdate. Your kids will probably end up befriending each other anyway, so use that commonality as a way to break the ice. Soon, you’ll find your conversation topics will drift to things other than the kids.

outdoor party with people seated at table bringing their glasses together for a toast

Go to local events and hot spots

Getting more involved in your local community will not only connect you with neighbors; it has the added advantage of getting more invested in your new home base. Master-planned communities typically have many things going on, from regular fitness classes to special outdoor events. You could also branch out into your larger community, attending new restaurant openings or supporting local businesses. Seeing the same familiar faces around local areas will help you develop a rapport.

Meeting people doesn’t have to be a challenge. Sometimes it just means stepping out of your comfort zone. Being friendly with neighbors will only improve your overall community experience.

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4 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

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