5 Common Home Decorating Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

5 Common Home Decorating Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There are few events more exciting than moving into a brand new home. As you finish up the closing paperwork and walk around the house, your head will probably be buzzing with a myriad of different ideas for how you want to decorate it and make it your own. The possibilities may be endless, but they include several ideas that are not quite appealing. Here are 5 very common home decorating mistakes and some advice on how to avoid them.

Gaudy Colors

When entering a new room, the first thing most people will notice is the color scheme. What makes a color palette successful? Or more importantly, what makes one unsuccessful? Many individuals new to home decorating may simply decorate by taking a color they know they love and modeling their room around it. While you want your room to have a personal flair, sloppy execution of your favorite color may lead to eye fatigue. If you love burnt orange, do not immediately run out and purchase an entire furniture set in this color. Start with neutral tones accented with burnt orange to create a well-balanced look.

Laying Down A Rug That Is Too Small

If you are decorating a home with wooden floors, an easy way to jazz up the space is to add a rug. Unfortunately, many people wish to save money by opting for a smaller rug than the room truly calls for. This is a major mistake and can make your room look unpleasantly segmented. A general rule of thumb is to buy a rug that leaves 18-24 inches of space between your furniture and your wall (depending on the size of the room.) If you do not wish to purchase a rug that large, you may also consider layering smaller rugs on top of one another for a funky, eclectic look.

Choosing Furniture That Is The Wrong Size

No matter what room you are decorating, you should be aware of how much space you are working with. While you may have grand ideas for your bedroom, space may be tight if you attempt to squeeze a giant recliner, large dresser, and nightstand beside your bed. On the other hand, the tiny couch you had in your old apartment may be completely dwarfed in the large living room in your new home. Make sure to measure the dimensions of both the room and any potential furniture you wish to place in it. You want a room to feel cozy, not cluttered and breathable, not empty.

Lining The Wall With Furniture

One of the most common design faux pas is lining furniture up against the wall. While that may seem like the most obvious place to place things so they do not get in the way, it may end up making your room look like a large hallway. Do not be afraid to experiment with space and move furniture into groupings for a more comfortable ambiance.

Hanging Artwork Too High

The most important rule of hanging art is to keep it eye level. Many individuals want to leave a lot of space between the top of their furniture and the art, but nobody will look if they have to crane their neck toward the ceiling! Be aware of where someone’s eyes are when they enter your room and place your art accordingly.

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5 Common Home Decorating Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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