5 Money Saving Tips To Avoid Costly Home Repairs

5 Money Saving Tips To Avoid Costly Home Repairs

Owning a home comes with so many fantastic benefits like having a place to truly call your own. Buying a new home can also be a good way to start fresh, no matter what stage of life you are in. But along with the perks of owning a home, comes some of the lesser exciting responsibilities like maintenance and repairs. Luckily, there are economical tips out there on how to prevent expensive home repairs to help future you save some cash.

Here are five great ways to save on expensive home repairs so you can spend more time living in the home of your dreams and less time worrying about it.

Unclog the kitchen sink

Take care of your kitchen by keeping it clean as much as possible. While wiping down countertops and putting away dishes seems like the bulk of kitchen cleaning, the sink itself needs special attention in order to avoid costly repairs. By spending an extra 5-10 minutes taking care of the sink, you can get rid of built up grime, and keep the pipes working to the best of their ability. First, turn off the disposal to eliminate risk of injury. Next, combine a simple mixture of ½ cup baking soda, and ½ cup white vinegar to sit in the drain for 5 minutes. Follow it with boiling water to clear clogs.

Unclog gutter debris

Escape interior and exterior water damage to your home by cleaning out rain gutters at least twice a year. Although it seems like such a small solution, it can make a huge difference to your home. Scoop out leaves and other debris with a gutter scoop while wearing some sort of protective eye gear. Use a tarp below you to throw away the muck so you do not ruin your lawn. Rinse out what is left with clean water from a hose and dispose any leftover garbage properly.

Man with a gardening glove cleaning dirt and leaves out of the gutter

Replace air filters

Cut down on energy usage and protect yourself from a high repair bill later by changing your air filters as often as they are required. Ignoring an old filter can cause backup within the vents, causing your unit to work harder to give you a steady flow of air within your home. By changing them out and having a backup ready to go, you can avoid having to fix an improperly used AC unit down line. This can also reduce annoying allergy symptoms throughout the year.

Clean dryer lint

A major way to save yourself from making expensive home repairs is by cleaning out the lint from the dryer screen before each new load of laundry. Making a habit out of this small step can knock out the risk of starting a fire. Take extra precautions by cleaning around your washer and dryer unit as well by removing dust from underneath and behind both appliances.

Make small wall repairs

Accidents happen. So for small holes or knicks in the wall, turn to a good spackle and paint job rather than calling paint professionals. First, make sure the wall is clean of any dust or dirt. Use a putty knife to spackle the flaw, and let it dry. Apply some fine grain sandpaper to the dried spot, and sand down until smooth. Find a paint that perfectly matches the wall and add a fresh new coat to the repaired section of the wall.

Use these tips now, and save the headache of having to make far more expensive repairs in the future.

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5 Money Saving Tips To Avoid Costly Home Repairs

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