5 Steps to Preparing Your Yard for Winter

5 Steps to Preparing Your Yard for Winter

Summer is over and winter is quickly approaching. While the temperatures have not dropped yet, you will want to be prepared for the inevitable first blast of cooler temps. Our team at Perry Homes has assembled five tips below to help you get your yard ready for the cold temperatures that lie ahead.

Clear Away Debris

Depending on where in Texas you reside, you may or may not experience snow this winter. However, regardless of whether or not snow falls, you will want to clear your yard of any leaves, sticks, trash or other types of miscellaneous debris that may have piled up throughout the warmer months. If you do not clear away the debris, the lack of sunlight and moisture can lead to your grass not receiving proper nutrients and ultimately kill your lawn.

Adjust Your Mower Blades for the Winter

Many homeowners put a lot of thought into their lawns throughout winter but forget about the tools they use to take care of them. Before the weather gets too cold, be sure that you adjust the blades on your lawn mower. This will prevent damage to the grass, as it stops growing once the temperature drops too low. It will also prevent the lawnmower from stripping out your grass roots — giving you a beautiful lawn when spring emerges.

Aerate Your Lawn

This often-forgotten tip is crucial for your lawn’s health throughout the winter. If you aerate your yard when you mow the lawn for the last time of the summer season, you will ensure that the soil receives enough moisture and oxygen throughout the winter. This will assist in you having a beautiful, green lawn when the weather warms up once more.

Take Care of the Weeds

While it may seem counterintuitive to weed your yard during winter, weeds grow more quickly in the winter than your grass will. If you do not weed your yard during the colder months, they will take over your yard by the time that spring comes around again. While this may seem like an unpleasantly tedious chore, it is actually easier during the winter. weeds are more visible as grass growth slows down when it is cold outside.

Fertilize Your Lawn

In the late fall or very early winter, you will want to apply a winter fertilizer on your yard. A winter fertilizer will strengthen the room system, assist in the protection of the grass and repair any damage that is done during the colder months. It will also feed the soil over the winter and keep your lawn’s roots from dying during the coldest months of the year – leading to better lawn health once the temperatures warm up.

At Perry Homes, we work hard to keep every part of your home beautiful. Check out our wide selection of homes for sale, and read our Texas living blog posts for tips and tricks to keep your backyard looking fantastic through every season.

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5 Steps to Preparing Your Yard for Winter

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