5 Tips To Help Your Child Succeed In School

5 Tips To Help Your Child Succeed In School

Once the initial “back to school” charm wears off, it can be difficult to motivate your child to work hard at their schoolwork. At Perry Homes, we know that the meaning of home goes beyond just the physical house you live in, and that is why we want to help every member of your family succeed. Listed below are five study tips you can utilize to help your child bring home A+s.

Keep A Planner

Throughout the day, your child should carry an agenda or a planner that makes it easy for them to track what needs to be done when they get home that night. While many schools hand out organizational materials, having your child pick out a personalized planner may motivate them to pull it out and write in it regularly. Also, note that if your child struggles to stay organized on their own, check their planner and initial it each day.

Turn Off The (Extra) Screens

While turning on the television or checking social media may be the ideal way for many children to relax, these activities do not have a place in schoolwork. Any laptops or tablets that are turned on should only be open to school materials. It is also helpful to show your child you support them by turning off your cell phone and other devices as you help them with their schoolwork.

Designate Special Areas For Schoolwork

Just as many of us appreciate the serenity of a home office, providing your children with a place specifically to get work done can be very beneficial. Make sure that the chosen space is quiet, well-lit and does not have very much foot traffic or other regular loud distractions. Consider a desk in the corner of their bedroom or a small spare room you have in your home. Also be sure to speak with your child and ask them what they would like to include in their space. Personalization can make them want to spend time there, even if it means that they are doing schoolwork.

Find A Specific Time For Homework

Just as it is important to designate a special physical space for schoolwork, it is also important to find a specific time of day for work to be done. Keep this time consistent all week. If they have soccer practice at 7 pm on Mondays and piano lessons at 4:30 on Thursdays, then try dedicating 5 pm to 6 pm solely to getting schoolwork done every day. Having a regular schedule will help your child stay on track throughout the week.

Make Sure They Get Enough Sleep

The hours we spend sleeping are just as important as those spent awake. This is especially true for children. Depending on their age, your child’s developing brain needs between eight and ten hours of quality sleep every night so having a regular, enforced bedtime is crucial.

At Perry Homes, we know how important family is. Check out our beautiful homes today, and find the perfect living situation for every member of your family.

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5 Tips To Help Your Child Succeed In School

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