5 Tips to Creating a Luxurious Spa Bathroom

5 Tips to Creating a Luxurious Spa Bathroom

We are going to come out and say the bathroom might be the most neglected room in any home. Of course we all dream of a luxury bathroom with a deep, jacuzzi tub filled with lavender essential oils, but in reality our bathrooms are often cluttered, cramped spaces where we keep our toothbrushes. But that can change! We have put together some tips on how to create your very own luxurious bathroom oasis—no remodeling required! We will show you how to work with what you have to turn your regular old bathroom into a spa.

Give your bathroom a makeover

Again, we are not talking about a remodel. We are talking about keeping your bathroom clean, organized, and pleasing to the eye. When most people think of bathroom decor, they think minimal: a single painting on the wall, a matching toothbrush holder and soap dish. And that is a great plan; bathrooms are typically small and can easily feel overcrowded. The key is to combine the process of decluttering with beautifying your space. Roll your towels into logs and store them in a quirky wicker basket. Bulk buy shampoo and other bathroom essentials, but transfer them into decorative—and compact—containers. Keep products that can be seen minimal and in the same color family — neutrals like white and clear containers are classy and clean options. Martha Stewart has plenty more ideas for organizing and beautifying your bathroom. Do not be afraid to hang art or create a gallery wall, if that is your style. But, hands down, the best decor for your luxury bathroom is fresh flowers or beautiful green plants. They add color and life to any space. This bathroom is a great example of these principles at work.

Feel the difference

No bathroom spa is complete without a sense of comfort. Evoke this feeling by incorporating soft, plush textures wherever you can to offset cold tile and granite. Invest in quality towels and maybe even a towel warmer. Go for shaggy rugs that have a loose weave you can really sink your toes into. If you are feeling up to the challenge, make your own pom pom rug. And please replace that plastic shower curtain with a cotton one; it is better for the eye and the soul. Finally, no spa experience is complete without a soft, comfortable robe; so get yourself one! Little luxuries make all the difference, and wrapping yourself in a warm robe after a soak is the pinnacle of at-home spa care.

Set the mood

When it comes time to use your bathroom oasis, it is important to create ambiance. You are no longer in your regular old bathroom; you have transported to a luxury spa. Turn down or shut off those garish overhead lights and utilize only natural light. If you do not have any windows in your bathroom, supplement with candles—on the countertop, the toilet, even the side of the tub if you feel safe. Queue up a relaxation or meditation playlist and keep the volume low. You can use your phone or invest in a waterproof bluetooth system. Finally, use essential oils, bubble bath or salts that give off a relaxing scent. If you do not have a tub, all these suggestions are still valid! You can purchase shower bombs or, for those of you who prefer natural, at home ingredients, you can make your own shower bombs.
close up of bath salt ball

Add some amenities

Any great spa comes with extras. Springing for those little items can make all the difference. There is no need shell out big money, either. The indulgence comes from the experience, not the price tag. Start with something simple, like a sponge or loofah. Not the scratchy kind you fish from a bargain bin, but something with multiple benefits like skin exfoliation or improved hydration. In other words, aim for useful perks that feel beyond the ordinary. A great spa pillow can help you relax in supportive comfort. Make sure you look for one that is odor, mildew and mold resistant and has good customer reviews. Here’s a list of the top 12 bath pillows to help you pick one that is right for you!

Next, keep things interesting by investing in a variety of bath indulgences such as bombs and bubble bath solutions. For the uninitiated, bath bombs are baseball-sized objects infused with various scents and properties (see above photo). As the name implies, these “explode” upon water contact with fizzes, bubbles and other dissolving effects. Each bomb has its own unique benefits like relaxation, recovery, sleep aid, skin cleanse and many more. So, in a way, you can customize your bath experience based upon how well your day has treated you. Just a word of caution, though: some bath bombs include additions like glitter that may cling to your bathtub or skin. No worries, as it is harmless and easily removed.

And once you accrue enough accessories go ahead and treat yourself to a bath tray that can accommodate your many soaps and supplies. Many versions even include stands for books or magazines!

Unplug from the world

First, set some ground rules—well, one primary rule. No cell phones or other connection to the outside world, and that includes Apple watches! Beyond the obvious safety concerns of having electronic devices around water, there are also health reasons. One study linked excessive cell phone usage with depression and anxiety, two things that undermine any attempt at relaxation. Besides, there is nothing more aggravating than seeing frustrating posts on social media or getting email notifications. It might take some getting used to, much like meditation, but finally giving yourself permission to focus on your needs (which includes doing absolutely nothing) is quite liberating and empowering.

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5 Tips to Creating a Luxurious Spa Bathroom

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