5 Unique Texas Holiday Traditions

5 Unique Texas Holiday Traditions

The typical Texan is known to take part in a number of traditions not everyone understands. Texans are also famous for welcoming others who want to take part in those traditions. With open arms and a warm smile, you can always ask any Texan how to go about incorporating any of their favorite classic practices into your own lifestyle to help spark the start of the holiday season.

From pie to festive outings, we have 5 fantastic traditions we are more than happy to share.

Goode Co. pie

Nothing screams “holiday season” like a super sweet pecan pie. Just like most people everywhere, Texans love pecan pie, but we take it one step further. Available at the Goode Co. restaurant is their Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie made with real Texas pecans served in a perfectly crafted pine gift box. The box comes complete with a stamped heartfelt saying tipping its hat to some Texan culture, and is accompanied by “Made In Texas” displayed proudly on the side. So just in case anyone begins to question where it came from when they see it placed on your dining room table, there will be no doubt.

Big and bright

Tons of people each year venture out of their homes and make a special visit to view some of the brightest holiday lights in Texas. Whether you are looking for something fun to do with the family, or a cozy date night with that someone special, there is a light scene just for you. You can make a visit to the San Antonio River Walk or Zoo Lights in Houston for a large city experience. Hit up Austin to view the 37th Street Christmas Lights, a holiday must-see for Austinites. You can also enjoy the Trail of Lights in Austin from December 9-23. For those who are looking for more of an escape outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, Santa’s Wonderland in College Station or the historical look and feel of Fredericksburg may be more your style. While it’s true that Texas is not known for its snowy disposition, it would be unfair to say it has nothing to offer those who love a holiday atmosphere.

Trail of Lights in Austin, TX


Living green

Another popular tradition is to decorate everything and anything with the leafy foliage of the great outdoors. Start off small by visiting your local farmer’s market or grocery store to snag a beautiful bunch of poinsettias for the interior of your home. You can also grab a bunch of glossy magnolia leaves and dry them out to create the perfect rustic-inspired wreath. To really set the scene of your home, you can take the drive out to the Christmas Tree Farm in Magnolia, Texas, and select and chop down your very own piece of festive cheer. Haul your personally chosen tree back home, and spruce it up with your choice of lights and ornaments.

Texas breakfast bash

Surprise your family or friends at work with a spread of traditional Texan breakfast foods that have lovingly been adopted from other parts of the world. Mexican tamales made fresh and packed full of seasoned meat are certain not to disappoint someone who is waking up to an empty stomach. And some of the best breakfast taco recipes are also housed in the great state of Texas. They pack a mighty punch to any meal and often leave everyone stuffed and satisfied. You could also buy a box loaded with kolaches which have also somehow become a basic staple to any Texan diet. Adapted from the classic Eastern European pastry, Texas kolaches are filled with delicious ingredients like bacon and eggs that get tucked away and baked inside a fluffy bun to create the kind of breakfast of champions that truly lets you grab-and-go.

Breakfast Tacos


Giving back

While Texans can celebrate with the best of them, there is always room to make life just a little bit easier for others who may not be as fortunate. Holiday season is the perfect time to clean out closets and gather clothing and shoes for a solid donation so the items can be used by someone else. A simple call to the local food bank or shelter can offer some insight as to what you can do to help out. Through extra time or materials, Texans always try to do their best to help out.

No matter where you are from, we hope you can infuse some Texas traditions into your holiday season this year!

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5 Unique Texas Holiday Traditions

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