5 Ways To Make Overnight Guests Feel Welcome

5 Ways To Make Overnight Guests Feel Welcome

As summer begins to fade into autumn, many of us are attempting to squeeze our last vacations into the remaining weeks before our children return to school and the temperature begins to drop. Whether your kids are ready to have one last summer bash or your in-laws want to visit before the fall weather settles in, you may find yourself playing host to guests who are going to stay overnight. While playing host can be stressful, we want to make sure that you are as prepared as possible to whomever is joining you in your home.

Make The House Spotless

Regardless of who they are, everyone enjoys staying in a clean home. Before your guests even step foot into your house, come up with a plan to effectively and efficiently clean every last spot. Take a hard look around your home and think about the spaces that have not been cleaned in a while. Perhaps your father-in-law will want a drink from the dusty bar or maybe there will be a child who takes a special interest in the kids’ room that hasn’t been touched in years. You must be prepared for everything.

Food and Drinks

Every person has a different palette and your job as host is to be aware and sensitive to this. Be sure to recognize any food allergies or restrictions any one of your guests may have and plan meals, snacks, and refreshments accordingly. If you wish to go the extra mile, you may even want to ask if they have a favorite meal or drink ahead of time that you can prepare to make their stay feel extra special.

Provide Toiletries

Packing can be stressful, and more often than not items are forgotten. Among the most common items left behind are toothbrushes, soaps, lotions, and other toiletries. Nothing is worse than arriving at a place of respite after a long trip only to realize that you will need to make a last minute stop at the store before settling in. Before your guests arrive, stock up on some essential toiletries just in case anything has been left behind. They will most certainly be grateful.

Master bedroom with blue accents and white furniture

Make Sure The Guest Bedroom Is Comfortable

While we already discussed the importance of a clean home, making the guest bedroom comfortable goes beyond cleanliness. Buy sheets with a respectable thread count and be sure that there are enough quality pillows. The mattress is absolutely essential and should be regularly updated for maximum comfort. Mattresses decline in quality over time as well as pick up dust. This can cause a multitude of issues including achiness, a lack of quality sleep, and allergic reactions.

Think Beyond Their Stay With You

While offering guests a place to lay their heads is very hospitable in itself, a fantastic host will think of their guests’ needs even after they are no longer staying with them. The smallest of gestures can make a big difference. If your guests are traveling elsewhere after their stay with you, they may appreciate your help in planning out the next leg of their trip. If they are heading back home, you could provide some extra snacks or beverages to help them stay prepared for their journey.

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5 Ways To Make Overnight Guests Feel Welcome

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