7 Delicious Homemade Summer Drinks

7 Delicious Homemade Summer Drinks

The long, lazy days of summer bring an air of relaxation that other seasons just don’t seem to have. Summertime evokes visions of laughing with friends on porches and taking the edge off the heat with a glass of something cool and refreshing. This year, don’t just settle for bottled water or a can of soda. Make your own homemade summer drinks, and embrace the flavors of the season with a beverage that really quenches your thirst.

1. Fruit-flavored Italian soda

Do bubbly drinks satisfy your sweet tooth? Go beyond the typical flavors by crafting your very own flavor of Italian soda. At its most basic, Italian soda is simply soda water, flavored syrup, and ice. Bring the feeling of summer into your drink with this Red Raspberry Italian Soda, which adds fruity freshness to any glass. Take your concoction to the next level by making an Italian cream soda. With the addition of half and half and whipped cream, this can serve as either an afternoon treat or a unique dessert.

2. Homemade lemonade

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a pitcher of fresh-squeezed homemade lemonade. On the surface, this quintessential warm-weather drink seems simple to make, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help ensure your drink will get rave reviews. This recipe uses a simple syrup to help you avoid lemonade that is gritty from undissolved sugar.

While plain lemonade is tasty enough on its own, it’s easy to add various fruits and veggies to kick up the flavor. This recipe uses cucumbers to smooth out the tangy flavor of lemon, resulting in a surprisingly drinkable, refreshing beverage.

iced coffee in mason jars with a striped straw

3. Iced coffee

There’s nothing like a deliciously chilled iced coffee to pick you up on summer afternoons. While fall and winter are abundant with specialty hot drinks meant to keep us warm and toasty, summer is the time to cool off with an icy, caffeinated refresher. The best part of making it yourself is that you can customize it to suit you. Choose as much or as little of the milk or sweetener you prefer. This homemade Iced Latte uses cold-brew coffee concentrate infused in the ice cubes to make sure your drink doesn’t get watered down. If you’re in the mood for something a little sweeter, this aptly-named My Perfect Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee is a decadent drink that will curb your craving for something yummy with less sugar.

4. Next-level fruit punch

Remember how much you loved fruit punch as a kid? You may have grown up and grown out of juice boxes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fruit drink that’s evolved with your palate. This Ultimate Sparkling Fruit Punch uses fresh fruit and sparkling water to create a refreshing experience for the hottest summer days. Use any extra fruit as garnish for the glasses to boost the summertime aesthetic.

5. Fruit, veggie, or herb-infused water

Get all the benefits of drinking water with the bonus of better flavor when you make your own water infused with unique combinations of fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Here, find recipes as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of your infused water. While these recipes will get you started, the best is to come up with combinations that you find enjoyable based on what you like.

6. Tropical mango and pineapple

Even if you don’t live on an island, summer is the season for pineapple and coconut decor. Bring the tropical feel to your summer beverage lineup with fresh-made pineapple juice. In addition to being tasty, pineapple juice is packed with nutrients such as vitamin C and calcium. Create the perfect summertime cocktail with Pineapple Mango Juice. If you don’t have a juicer, you can use a blender to smoothly puree the fruit and then extract the juice using a mesh strainer.

7. Summer iced tea

Iced tea is a classic drink to be enjoyed year-round, but there is something particularly pleasing about it in the summer. Go beyond the basics of sweet versus unsweet and try something new this year. This White Iced Tea recipe uses fresh herbs to provide unique flavor that you can adjust each time you drink it. Or add a little more excitement by taking the classic Arnold Palmer combo and giving it a summertime makeover with this Iced Watermelon Lemon Tea, which can easily be transformed into an adult beverage.

Wherever this summer takes you—whether it’s relaxing on your backyard patio or chilling by the neighborhood pool—make sure you have a list of your favorite seasonal drinks that will help keep everyone cool and hydrated!

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7 Delicious Homemade Summer Drinks

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