Best Home Decorating Apps

Best Home Decorating Apps

Do you love to try out new home decorating ideas throughout the year? We have a lineup of our favorite apps to make your home decor projects run smoothly. You can create color palettes, find out where your furniture fits best, and even leave some tools off of your purchase list. Want to see for yourself? Take a look at these 4 handy mobile apps you can download on your iPhone or Android device to make home decorating a snap!


Explore a ton of home products and designs to help make your ideal designs come to life. From remodeling to adding personal touches to your home, Houzz allows you to picture various pieces of furniture, lighting, flooring, and so much more by running a 3D feature through your device’s camera. This means you can experience the items you want to buy in the landscape of your home before you hit purchase. This can reduce the time you would spend setting something up only to realize you would rather have chosen something else. Save the hassle of buying and returning items by using this app instead.

Homestyler Interior Design & Decorating Ideas

Along with their own 3D feature so that you can visualize furniture in real time, the Homestyle Interior Design & Decorating Ideas app also allows you to connect with other people within the virtual styling community to exchange feedback and additional tips and tricks. Try out realistic creations of home decor items like paintings, and rugs, so you can artfully style your space without wasting resources. Like and share other people’s work, and stay engaged to share the inspiration.

Color Capture

See a particular shade you love? Snap it with the Color Capture app by Benjamin Moore and find the closest shade match they have available. This saves you the trouble of sifting through sample after sample, and narrows it down right to the shade it thinks you might be searching for. Along with finding your color fit, the Color Capture app will also provide you with complementary shades and tones to go with your main pick in case you decide you want a coordinating palette to work off of. Choose from interior, exterior, and stains throughout their collection, and filter through hundreds of colors within their respective color families. Finally, you can use their paint calculator to help you figure out about how much paint you will need to buy to complete your painting project.

Painting walls in room with ladder. 3D rendering


Forgot to buy a level but you have your phone? There is no need to rush back to the home department store when you can just download an app and make your life easier. Instead, select the iHandy app and get free access to a leveling tool to help you hang pictures and align shelving.

Inspired to give your home an update with the help of technology? Be sure to browse our gallery of homes for decorating inspiration!

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Best Home Decorating Apps

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