How to Blend Your TV With Your Decor

How to Blend Your TV With Your Decor

There’s no doubt your new large-screen TV is gorgeous in its own way, with a clear picture and striking sound quality. However, if straight, stark black or silver lines are doing nothing for your decor scheme, there are ways you can work your TV into your design so you barely notice it at all. Whether you choose to mount it on the wall or have it rest on a beautiful piece of furniture, we can help you ensure that it’s a focal point only when you’re watching it.

Surround it with shelving

There was a time when most people fit their TVs squarely into a boxy entertainment unit. Today’s variation in television style and sizes demand a little more creativity. If you like the idea of enveloping your television within other elements of decor, consider mounting the TV exactly where you want it and then surrounding it with whatever style of shelves you prefer. Once you add your pretty accents, they will attract attention and your television will serve as the unobtrusive anchor holding it all together.

Hide it in a gallery wall

If you love to adorn your home with artwork, try framing your television within a gallery wall. A gallery wall allows you to display smaller pieces of art to create a statement that is uniquely your own. To build your masterpiece, try laying it out before you commit to an arrangement. You can do this by setting the artwork on the floor to find the perfect fit or using ad or magazine cutouts that simulate the sizes you’ll be working with. Mount your TV on the wall in the perfect spot, then build the art around it.

Mount it above the fireplace

The fireplace is a natural focal point in the living room, and the space above the mantel lends itself well to holding a television. You can choose to keep the surrounding decor simple or jazz it up with seasonal trinkets.

living room with wall of windows, corner fireplace with herringbone tile, shiplap accent wall contemporary furnishings

If you do decide to mount the TV above the fireplace, there are a few things you need to consider first. Make sure you allow space for proper ventilation. You also need to think about the size of the television, the height of your mantel, and the size of the room. Placing the TV too high or too low can affect the overall look of a room and interfere with ideal viewing.

Paint a black accent wall

Feeling a little bold? Help the TV completely fade into the background with a black accent wall. You can also choose patterned wallpaper to give your look depth and dimension. To continue the seamless look, mount your speakers on the wall and add a power outlet behind the TV to avoid loose, unsightly cords.

While it’s natural to appreciate the beauty of a nice TV, it doesn’t have to dominate your room’s decor and you don’t have to sacrifice your own style. Making it blend simply requires a bit of creativity and reliance on your own innate sense of style.

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How to Blend Your TV With Your Decor

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