Bruce Smith, Celebrating 40 Years in the Perry Homes Family

Bruce Smith, Celebrating 40 Years in the Perry Homes Family

Bruce Smith, Celebrating 40 Years in the Perry Homes Family

July 5th, 1983, Bruce Smith joined the Perry Homes family. After serving our country in the Army, he came to Perry Homes as a construction manager, excited to build personalized homes for members of his Houston community.

Bruce has dedicated 40 years to the Perry Homes mission and promise of the highest quality, superior design, and customer service.

"Perry Homes has taken good care of me" says Bruce.

Bruce sites Perry Homes' extraordinary commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as one of the main reasons he decided to be a part of the Perry Family for the last 40 years.

Perry Homes reputation of building the highest quality homes stems from the dedication to excellence within our ranks.

Bruce's most influential moment in his career was his promotion to Project Manager. This role gave him the opportunity to lead others and maintain the quality of all his homes.

Over the course of his career, he has seen many things change about the homebuilding industry. Bruce has seen innovative technologies develop that created waves in the constructing of homes.

"Ceiling heights have changed from all 8' ceilings to 9', 10' 12' and 20' ceiling heights. Exterior designs have changed many times over the years to stay up with the latest look and trend."

Since the start of his career the industry has grown exponentially. More material suppliers, more craftsmen, and more communities. Not only has Bruce seen the industry itself grow but he saw growth on the home front. Perry Homes grew from a Houston specialty to building homes in four markets across Texas.

"The industry has grown quite a lot. Many more Builders, and material suppliers Lot of Technology changes."

Homes themselves have changed since the beginning of Bruce's career here at Perry; higher ceilings, attached garages, covered patios, and all the latest exterior trends. Perry's commitment to providing industry-leading homes to families around Texas has inspired Bruce to continue in this market.

"The design of the homes has always been great. Always up to date with the latest trends, even leading the way in design trends. And just the simple fact that Perry Homes is the best at what we do. We build the best home."

Perry Homes is proud to employ the industry's best and continue supporting them throughout their careers as a part of the Perry Homes Family.

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Bruce Smith, Celebrating 40 Years in the Perry Homes Family

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