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Perry Homes Foundation - A Legacy of Making a Difference

Since the company’s inception in 1967, Perry Homes has believed in the importance of giving back to the communities in which we build. Through the establishment of the Perry Homes Foundation, Owner and Executive Chair Kathy Britton is committed to continuing the legacy of her father, Bob Perry, who faithfully practiced good corporate responsibility by helping a wide range of wonderful causes. The Foundation’s core mission is to support initiatives benefiting those who are disadvantaged or less fortunate, to create educational opportunities for deserving students needing financial assistance, and to enhance the beauty and sustainability of our local parks and communities.

“Even as a small child, my father was driven to serve others, and throughout his adult life he continually made it his personal mission to help those who needed it most,” said Britton. “My father instilled into me key principles of giving, showing what it meant to 'love thy neighbor.' These are not small shoes to fill, but I am working to carry on my father’s legacy of making a difference – in our parks, in our schools, and in our neighborhoods – through the formation of the Perry Homes Foundation. I truly believe it’s the most important work our company could ever do.” Kathy Britton, Owner and Executive Chair.

Since 2017, the Perry Homes Foundation has contributed nearly $4 million to charitable causes and has made a large impact in the Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio areas.


Perry Homes Foundation Pledges $2 Million to City of Houston
The Perry Homes Foundation is proud to announce that we have partnered with the City of Houston as a major sponsor for the city’s 50/50 Park Partners initiative. As an initial Pacesetter for the initiative, the Perry Homes Foundation has pledged $1 million to the multi-year 50/50 Park Partners initiative to improve Houston’s neighborhood parks. The Perry Homes Foundation has pledged an additional $1 million to the Houston Parks Board’s Bayou Greenways 2020 project, an initiative transforming underutilized land along Houston’s major waterways into linear parks...Read More