Buying Under Construction or Pre-Construction Homes

Buying Under Construction or Pre-Construction Homes

There are several stages of a home build, but overall there are two homebuying stages: under construction or pre-construction homes and move-in-ready homes. While there is a little bit of distinction between pre-construction and under construction, buying a home during these stages comes with several perks.

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Pre-construction Home vs. Under Construction Homes: What is the Difference?

A pre-construction home (or a new build home) is when a home builder puts a home up for sale before construction has been completed. Even the purchase of an empty lot technically falls under the pre-construction phase. The developer will often have a community master plan set and a model home ready to tour so buyers can see what their new home will look like. There may even be a few move-in-ready homes already built that potential home buyers can look at. 

Under construction homes are very similar. However, they are a little more specific when it comes to the construction phase. This is when a home is in the process of construction. It could be in the masonry or framing stage, when the builder adds plumbing or electricity, adding insulation and drywall or even the final touches on the exterior.

What Are the Benefits of Buying an Under Construction Home?

Buying an under construction home comes with many benefits compared to buying a move-in-ready home. Overall, homebuyers will have more design flexibility and can capitalize on better prices and exclusive home warranties.

Lower Prices

Typically, under construction homes can be anywhere from 10-30% cheaper than move-in-ready homes. A lot of factors go into this. For one, buying a home under construction in a community that is not fully complete means there is plenty of room for the area to appreciate in value. Also, maintenance costs are generally lower because all the plumbing and electrical work are brand new.

Better Return-on-Investment

Since a home under construction is generally less expensive, its appreciation over the years will make for a better return should you decide to sell it in the future. As the community builds out and the surrounding area matures, you could be getting in on a high-demand piece of property on the ground floor, so to speak.

More Opportunities to Customize

Move-in-ready homes are often purchased as-is, with little room to make adjustments or customizations to the interior. Depending on the build stage, under construction homes give builders plenty of time to make adjustments, potentially adding new design elements or even new rooms before the home is completed.

Newer, Energy-Efficient Technology

Technology is constantly changing. While it is common to find smart home technology in homes built even a few years ago, buying an under construction home means you will have the latest, eco-friendly technology at your fingertips. Our Smart Comes Standard package package at Perry Homes comes complete on all our homes. We partner with the top companies to ensure homes include the latest smart home technology to improve sustainability and lower energy costs.

Longer Lasting Designs

Buying an older home comes with the possibility that you may be purchasing an older design trend that is dated by today's standards. For example, homes in the 70s and early 80s were big on linoleum floors and wood paneling. Many 90s homes featured wall-to-wall carpeting – even in bathrooms. Under construction homes for sale are built with the latest design trends in mind, so they will continue to feel modern and stylish for years to come. You will also spend less money trying to update older design trends to a more modern style.

Home Builder Warranties

Buying a home under construction comes with additional perks, such as workmanship and structural warranties. This ensures that your new build is protected, and you will not have to spend extra money on repairs. Perry Homes offers unparalleled warranties on all our new homes, including a two-year workmanship warranty and a 10-year structural warranty.

If you are looking for an under construction or pre-construction home in Texas, Perry Homes has several brand-new communities opening right now. Find your ideal home today.

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Buying Under Construction or Pre-Construction Homes

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