Buying vs. Renting: What to Consider

Are you thinking about making the move from renting to buying? It’s a big decision, and there are lots of pros and cons to consider before you decide to buy a home. Owning a home means accounting for expenses such as closing costs, property taxes, and homeowners insurance. Even with all this, though, buying a house makes a lot of financial sense. Homeowners can deduct mortgage insurance on their taxes, and their house payments will remain the same over the years if their loan has a fixed interest rate. Better yet, home values increase over time, making it a sound investment.

In addition to financial benefits, owning a home offers plenty of lifestyle advantages that makes homeownership particularly appealing. Check out our infographic that compares renting to buying, and decide what’s right for you!

It’s important to consider all your options when deciding whether to rent or buy. If you feel like you’re ready to pursue homeownership, consider Perry Homes. We’ve been building quality homes for over 50 years. Check out what we have to offer!