Clean Your Yard for Spring

Clean Your Yard for Spring

Spring is in the air ! As the weather warms up, you may begin thinking about hosting outdoor events and parties for you and your family. However, before the fun can start, you have to make sure that your backyard is party ready. At Perry Homes, we have provided a guide on how to clean your yard for spring.

Plan It Out

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners do not properly maintain their yards is because the entire task can feel overwhelming. Before you get down to work, take a walk around your yard and take a look at the biggest projects that need to be addressed. Prioritize those above any smaller tasks and then make sure you allow yourself the proper amount of time to get the chores completed . After these large items have been dealt with, move on to the smaller tasks. By dividing the overall project into smaller ones, this will give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as you work your way to a cleaner yard.

Maintain Your Greenery

Everybody can appreciate a beautiful green yard with tall trees, blooming flowers and maybe even a garden full of fresh veggies. However, for every piece of greenery on your property, you must be fully prepared for the upkeep that it entails. No matter how wonderful the rest of the yard looks, the entire ambience of your outdoor space can be disrupted by a small detail such as a dying tree branch hanging too low or an unkempt garden. Be proactive about pruning, weeding and trimming to keep your yard inviting and pleasing to look at.

Keep Your Furniture Updated

Even though outdoor furniture is more hardy than the furniture that stays within your home, it still has to withstand the wear and tear that the great outdoors places on it. Take a serious look at the furniture on your patio and in your yard to make sure that it is still presentable and fits with the overall vibe of your yard. For more information on how to choose patio furniture, check out one of our previous blog posts.

Provide Entertainment

Even the most beautiful yard is more enjoyable when there is something to do! If you would like permanent entertainment fixtures within your yard, consider a crowd-pleaser such as a fire pit or basketball hoop. If you wish to save space or prefer more flexible options, consider items that can be easily stored, such as different yard games or a stereo.

Clear Away Clutter

There are many activities that take place in the backyard. From playdates to grilling sessions, backyards are often a hub for activity. Routinely assess the condition of your backyard and be sure that your yard is free of clutter from the events of the day. Every item should have a place, whether that be a shed, the garage or a spare room in the house. Without loose items lying around the yard, cleanup becomes much easier.

At Perry Homes, we recognize how important yard care is and want to help you make your outdoor space as beautiful as possible. Check out some of our beautiful homes for sale today.

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Clean Your Yard for Spring

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