Clever Bookshelf Ideas for Your Home

Clever Bookshelf Ideas

As the weather cools down, now is the perfect time to cozy up in a comfortable chair and get lost in a great book. While an avid reader can quickly collect a huge number of books, it is important that you find a beautiful place for them to go. We have compiled a list of bookshelf ideas that will allow you to proudly display your books in a way that will fit in with your own unique style.

Floating Bookshelf

Floating bookshelves give the illusion that there is no bookshelf at all, or that the books are “floating” on your wall. This unique look allows you to store your books while maintaining a sleek and modern look to your room. With just a small amount of handiwork, you will be able to wow the guests in your home with this gorgeous illusion. Floating bookshelves come in a multitude of different styles to complement any home.

Stackable Bookshelf

There are several different iterations of the stackable bookshelf that allow them to fit any home. The first step to bringing this shelf idea into your home is to figure out what shelving material you wish to stack. Options such as milk crates can give your room an eclectic look while wooden, square shelving units will allow your room to maintain elegance even with the simplistic design. Once you have chosen your shelving, stack them the way you wish them to stand. Finally, bind them together using binder clips or other clamps. Just as is the case with the shelving material, what you choose to hold your shelves together depends on the overall ambiance you wish to set for the room.

Hollowed Out Bookshelf

Do you have an old television set sitting in your house? Or maybe a broken acoustic guitar that nobody in your household knows how to play? Rather than let these items collect dust, consider hollowing them out and turning them into a unique bookshelf. With just a little bit of work, you can give your books a home that will be unlike any shelving you can find in a store. Please note that caution should be taken whenever dealing with electronics, sharp edges or other potential hazards.

Wheeled Storage Bench Bookshelf

If you do not want your books confined to only one room of the house, consider building or buying a mobile bookshelf. This bookshelf allows your books to follow you wherever you go while giving you more flexibility to redesign your room as you see fit. This idea has the added effect of making storage and moving of books easy in case you ever move homes. Never worry about losing your books in cardboard boxes or storage bins again when you bring a wheeled storage bench bookshelf into your home.

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Clever Bookshelf Ideas for Your Home

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