Cool Father’s Day Gifts for Your Rad Dad

Cool Father’s Day Gifts for Your Rad Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner, and, as we all know, fathers are notoriously tricky people to shop for. They never seem to want, need or have use for anything! And a person can only own so many golf clubs!

But maybe we are thinking about this whole Father’s Day gift idea search all wrong. We are assuming there is some perfect item out there to satisfy any person who happens to be a father. So this Father’s Day, why not step back and think about who your dad is as a person and what makes him happy as a unique individual.

With that in mind, here are a few Father’s Day present ideas for fathers with interests outside of golf clubs and bad neck ties. The best part is: lots of these gifts overlap, so whether your dad is a fitness loving foodie, a travelling outdoorsman or a simple technology buff, we have you covered!

For the foodie

Pretty much every household has a pair of oven mitts lying around. Our guess is even the most ardent Food Network dad is still working with those cheap, dirty, well-worn mitts. So why not get him an upgrade? Heat resistant gloves are functional—they have fingers!—and sturdy; some can withstand up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Or get everyone’s favorite pit master a newer, better machine for summer BBQ heaven. Pellet smokers are smokers/grills that are fueled by small wood pellets. They are fast, temperature controlled and create a delicious smoke flavor. Serious Eats offers a helpful rundown of pellet smokers and ranks the top models on the market.

Gift your father a bow tie on fathers day

For the stylish

If the male role model in your life would never dream of stepping out of the house in a T-shirt and cargo shorts, consider gifting him some classic—or quirky—pieces to add to his wardrobe. For example, a pair of stylish socks or a bowtie. Listen, we know what you are thinking: Socks? Really? But the thing is, even the most image-conscious, playful dresser sometimes neglects or underestimates accessories. A bold pattern sock or bowtie—ties are old news—can add personality and character to even the most standard suit and tie.

Also consider a sleek smartwatch. While your dad might love the convenience of a standard iWatch, he probably does not love the boxy shape or traditional style. But lots of companies like Fossil offer hybrid watches—in other words, stylish watches with smart features. Your dad will love the compromise!

For the techie

This one is pretty self-explanatory. More and more tech companies are leaning toward virtual reality (VR) gadgetry, whether it is a television or associated with your cell phone. Even gaming consoles like Playstation are changing the typical video game experience. If your techhead has been itching to try something new (and does not get motion sickness) you may explore some of those VR options.

If your favorite father has been pining for a man cave, then perhaps it is time to give him the tools to making one. No, do not renovate the basement or add on to the house. Instead, give him a wireless mobile projector and turn any room into a home theater.

Does the tech addiction include being an audiophile? Then there are many high-quality and cool-looking record players that will fit most budgets. (Warning: ear plugs are not included).

For the traveler

Pretty much everything is “smart” these days, so why should your jet setting father carry a basic suitcase? Smart luggage is basically the coolest: it charges your devices, remote locks, has GPS capabilities and weighs itself. You could also gift Dad a stylish “dopp kit”—or toiletry bag. It isn’t something he would buy for himself, but it is a gift he would put to good use! From sleek leather to classic camo, there is a dopp bag to suit every dad’s style.

For the outdoorsman

For the dad who lives to explore the great outdoors, we have got a classic and a modern Father’s Day gift idea for you. No matter where or how often your dad takes off into the great unknown, his trip would be vastly improved by a cast iron pan. It seems simple—and maybe a little impractical—but actually a good cast iron is a camper’s best friend. You can cook almost anything on it, and with a little simple care it keeps forever. And for the tech-friendly camper, there are an array of camping gadgets to make the great outdoors a little more comfortable. A pop-up tent is always appreciated, but our favorite is the glow-in-the-dark toilet paper.

man jogging down paved running trail in park

For the fitness junkie

This might seem like a given, but for the father who is health and fitness conscious you can never go wrong with a fitness tracker. Even if your father already drank that Kool-Aid, there is always a new and better model. Maybe your Pops wants a heart-rate monitor, maybe he needs a sport-specific model or maybe he just prefers a clip-on. Whatever his heart desires, there is a tracker—and an app—for it. And if your dad is as crazy about nutrition as he is about his early morning run, check out a smart kitchen scale. These devices serve as Bluetooth scales and nutrition apps that let Dad check the weight and nutrition content of his food, and track his intake.

For the entertainer

If your humble patriarch is fond of hosting, gifting him ways to elevate any social gathering is a perfect choice.

There is a similar theme for most social gatherings—alcohol. Since a great drink makes any party better, start with a cocktail book. Most of us know how to mix a gin and tonic, but a well-made gin and tonic is another story. Cocktail recipes for new and familiar drinks can lead to creative and personalized variations down the road. Fan favorites can be immortalized in a hard copy recipe book of their own.

With the drinks out of the way, next up is the actual entertainment. Forget classic board games like Clue and Monopoly, which can slog on without end or fun. Instead opt for new, trendier tabletop games that work well with large and small groups. The key is tailoring the game to Dad’s interests. If he is into trivia or strategy games, games like Trivial Pursuit or a giant Jenga might tickle his fancy.

Does he not have many preferences?  In general, any game that has built-in replay value or is fast-paced should be a winner. Games such as Tabletopics or Ridley’s Sing It Back should fit the bill.

One caveat: always read the reviews prior to purchasing!

Unless you are trying to surprise Dad with one of these gifts, share these ideas with your friends!

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Cool Father’s Day Gifts for Your Rad Dad

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