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Making Your Home a Cozy Winter Retreat

During the winter, we all dream of relaxing in cozy retreats, sitting by roaring fireplaces and sipping hot chocolate. The dropping temps and blustery winds make us want to hunker down and ride out the cold indoors. Yet it is not necessary to travel to get the winter escape of your dreams. With just a few simple adjustments to your home, you can make staying in the thing to do this season.

Have sweet, snug dreams

Some of the best mornings are those you get to lounge in bed, sleeping in on the weekends. During the winter, this is even more appealing when nighttime lows make getting out of bed an unappealing task. Make sure your bed is ready for the chilly nights with a warm and fuzzy blanket. If particularly chilly temperatures are heading your way, you may want to opt for flannel or ultra-fleece sheets. Don your favorite pair of plush socks to help yourself fall asleep. Top it off with a lush, winter-white comforter and an array of fluffy pillows, and you will be well on your way to drifting off in paradise.

Interested in making a bigger change to up the comfort level? Consider adding a canopy to envelop yourself in peaceful serenity. You may never want to leave your warm cocoon! A soft tufted headboard adds coziness in addition to making reading in bed easier.

Toasty by the fire

Winter nights are all about snuggling up on the couch in the living room. Make sure you aim for maximum comfort with all the cold-weather essentials you need. Throw blankets are an integral part of winter living rooms, whether you drape them decoratively over the backs of chairs and couches or keep them tucked in a drawer. You can also both change the look of a room and add comfort by switching out your throw pillows. Opt for white or light cool tones, which reflect sometimes scarce winter light.

A fireplace is an iconic part of many winter hideaways. Decorate it with winter branches to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Set up a reading nook next to the hearth to keep warm and listen to the fire crackling as soothing background noise.

Interior of a Perry Home

Soft, thick rugs can go a long way in blocking some of the cold that ceramic tile or wood floors can transfer. Just like with the throw pillows, you can switch up your decor in the winter, choosing colors and a pattern that complements your wintry palette.

Senses of the season

Our senses have the ability to carry us away to a different time and place. Take advantage of the memories and calm that smell can evoke with delicious-smelling candles. Bring the smell of the outdoors into your home with these top scents for winter.

Another benefit of candles is that they give off a soft, warm glow, contributing to the relaxing atmosphere. If you prefer not to burn real candles, you can invest in a wax warmer and get the sight-soothing flicker from flameless varieties. Those who get struck by seasonal blues due to lack of adequate light may want to invest in a lightbox dedicated to treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

You can also boost your seasonal happiness with winter-hardy plants designed to tough out the cold weather and lack of sunlight. Not only do plants help circulate stale indoor air, they also boost mood and relieve stress.

Comfy clothing

Do not simply focus on your surroundings when making your happy home. Choose personal items with care. Go ahead and splurge on the fuzzy slippers that will keep your feet extra warm! Make sure you have soft, cozy pants and shirts for your loungewear. Not only will you feel better, you will save money on heating bills.

Need help finding a cozy home to call your own this winter? Check out available homes from Perry Homes. You will find that many have fireplaces, taking you one step closer to the winter haven of your dreams!

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