4 Steps to Creating a Homework Space in Your Home

4 Steps to Creating a Homework Space in Your Home

Craft the Ultimate Homework Station

Creating a homework space in your home can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. Here are four tips to help you design an area that will make your child excited to start learning.

Choose the Space

The first step in creating a DIY homework station is finding the ideal room in your home that works for your child. Depending on their age and how much assistance they require, this area could be a communal room (like a kitchen or family room), a desk in their own room or a flex space that can be personalized to fit their needs. The ultimate goal is to have them working in a proper setup rather than their lap. This will not only establish good study habits, but your child will also have enough room to spread out all their materials.

Make it Functional

Select a desk chair that is both comfortable and supportive. Many companies offer a wide variety of furniture tailored to children. You do not want a subpar chair to be the reason your child gravitates toward doing their homework on the couch. While creating a homework space in your home, also consider placing trash and recycle cans near their desk. This will encourage them to throw out their old papers and purge the contents of their backpacks regularly.

Get it Organized

Having supplies within reach of your child’s workspace is key to their productivity. Consider keeping their supplies neatly organized in a caddy or desktop organizer. Use labels on your containers to help make cleanup easier on everyone. This will help teach your child the responsibility of maintaining their own space.

As your child gets older, homework will often require the use of technology. Keep their back-to-school homework station tidy from the chord clutter. The perfect way to stay organized is to use a cable sleeve or organizer to help cables stay neat and handy when it is time to plug in and charge.

Form a Routine

Now that you have organized their workspace, it is time to help your child form a homework routine. It could be after 30 minutes of downtime, as soon as they come home, after a snack or after dinner. Help them stick to their routine during the first few weeks by setting a timer or providing some guidance. Hopefully, with their new back-to-school homework station in place, they will be excited to get down to work in their very own space.

After their homework is finished, consider helping your child implement a plan to avoid the morning rush. It could be something as simple as establishing a nightly backpack check or placing their backpack by the front door so that it is easy to find in the morning.

Creating a homework space can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. Ready to find your dream home with plenty of space to inspire productivity throughout the school year? Explore Perry Homes’ available properties to find the perfect home near some of the top-rated schools throughout Texas.

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4 Steps to Creating a Homework Space in Your Home

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