Tips for Creating a Reading Nook in Your Home

Tips for Creating a Reading Nook in Your Home

For bibliophiles, creating a reading nook at home is the perfect escape. Are you looking for ways to turn an empty space into a restful retreat where you can dive into your newest favorite book? We have the cozy nook ideas you need to transform your home into your own personal library. Follow these six easy steps to start creating the perfect home reading nook today! 

1. Pick Your Spot

Do you have an open room with the perfect spot for a corner reading nook? Or maybe your home has a windowsill you enjoy perching on with a hot cup of tea to finish a few chapters. The place you decide to set up your personal reading spot can have a significant effect on how you dive into your relaxation time. Try to select a space that is isolated, or at least out of high traffic areas in your home, to allow you to really immerse yourself in the pages in front of you. 

If you have a bigger budget for your home reading nook project, you may consider creating a built-in bench or seating space in a wall for a cozy and stylish addition to any room. Making a reading nook in your home does not have to be a big project, though. For a more temporary setup, try lining your seating area with some furniture like a bookshelf or entertainment center. This will allow you to create a more enclosed feeling without having to add walls or start a construction project. 

2. Design for Reading

This is your space for reading—designing with that in mind will help you ensure all the elements you select will  cater to your quiet time. Choose pieces that help keep the space organized and tidy while allowing you easy access to all you need to cozy up. Adding bookshelves, whether standalone or built-in, will make sure your next read is never more than an arm’s length away from your lounge spot. Additionally, bringing in a small table or stand will give you the perfect place to set down your glasses or that cup of tea without having to get up. Keeping your reading time essentials nearby will help ensure you can really sink into your relaxation time. 

Aside from staying organized, consider what helps you relax and dive into the book in hand. For example, the warm ambiance of candles may be your go-to method of calming the senses to create a more immersive experience. Or perhaps lining the walls in your nook with inspirational quotes or artwork helps you unwind. Take some time to figure out what matters most to you, then find a stylish and functional way to incorporate it into the space! 

3. Pick Your Seating

Comfort is key when creating a reading nook in your home. Is your style more eclectic and unique? Consider adding a big, vintage armchair for a statement piece that is as cozy as it is stylish. If your nook is tucked up underneath a window, you already have some built-in seating available! Simply grab a soft cushion to cover the sill and relax. Hammocks and other hanging chairs are other great  options to create a comfortable and unique design in your nook. These choices are great for indoor spaces for those who prefer a little more outdoorsy influence in their surroundings. 

4. Make It Cozy

Here is your chance to start adding those personal touches that create a cozy space perfectly suited to your style. Adding plenty of pillows and blankets will both dress up the area and allow you to really be comfortable during your reading time. Opting to fill the space with calming colors can help create a relaxing oasis. If you are unsure of where to start, searching online at other homeowners’ cozy nook ideas may help inspire your unique design! 

5. Add Some Light

Even if your home reading nook is situated near an open window, you will still need a light source for those late-night page-turning sessions. Floor lamps are a popular choice for many home reading nooks because they are portable and come in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes. For a more permanent or customized lighting scheme, consider adding recessed lighting or sconces with dimmable switches to suit any mood or time of day. Carefully adding layers of light from various sources and locations will help you create the perfect ambiance no matter what story you are diving into. 

6. Add Some Life

Adding greenery to an indoor space has been scientifically proven to create a calming effect in humans. Incorporating plants into your reading nook can improve your mood, reduce stress to help you better relax and provide an extra touch of privacy. Line your reading nook with a floor shade plant like the popular Drac aena Lisa, add some succulents to a nearby table or try hanging air plants for a low maintenance touch of nature.  

Creating a reading nook in your home can be as easy as simply throwing a chair and some pillows in the corner—but for the true book lovers, this is a great opportunity to show off some personality while creating functionality in a space. Are you looking for the perfect living space to incorporate a corner reading nook into? Explore Perry Homes gallery of stunning, modern design to start planning your perfect home oasis.

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Tips for Creating a Reading Nook in Your Home

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