Ideas For Creating the Perfect Backyard Shed

Ideas For Creating the Perfect Backyard Shed

A good shed can store all your most important tools and equipment, a place to work on your favorite hobbies – and so much more. There are plenty of great ideas for backyard sheds that suit your needs, whether practical or for entertainment.

Explore our guide to learn some storage shed ideas that can turn your space into an extension of your home.

Ideas For Backyard Sheds

A backyard shed can store your tools, gardening gear, and so much more. If you have the time and investment, you can even deck out your shed so much it can act as an extension of your home.

The first thing you want to consider when choosing a shed is the materials:

  • Wood – When you think of a shed, you probably think of a wooden one. Wood is durable and looks great, but it does have its downsides. For one, it is susceptible to rot and termites, so a little maintenance is required to keep wood storage sheds in top shape. Wood is the best material for people that want to customize their shed, like adding windows, extra doors, or sprucing up the exterior.
  • Plastic – Plastic sheds are incredibly durable but lose a bit of that natural feel you get with wood. If you want an easy-to-maintain shed, plastic is great material. Just make sure to get the right type of plastic shed. You want one with plenty of ventilation and made of high-quality materials, like polyethylene.
  • Metal – Metal sheds are quite durable and made of various materials, like galvanized steel. While metal sheds are protected against the elements and insects, they can rust over time. You may need to repaint or remove any rust that forms as the years pass. Metal can be very difficult to customize, so what you buy is often what you get.

No matter which material you choose, your shed should be installed on level ground, away from any area where water can pool. Install the shed atop a base that protects it from any water. Crafting a concrete base is one option. You can also place the shed on treated planks to ensure there is plenty of drainage.

Ideas for Storage Sheds

Traditionally, a shed is designed to store tools and other supplies you do not want cluttering up your garage. For this reason, you want to ensure a storage shed has plenty of space to store your materials. 

There are multiple ways to enhance your shed’s storage space. Installing hooks or a peg wall is a great way to store long tools like shovels and rakes. You should also consider adding shelving for smaller tools and containers. If you have the space, you can add a crawl space above your head to place large totes and boxes. 

If you do not plan on spending a lot of time in the shed, it is not important to install windows or run electricity to the shed. 

Ideas for Garden Sheds

If you have a green thumb, you can design a shed perfect for growing small plants and flowers. For this reason, you will likely want a shed with a few windows to allow sunlight to enter and feed your potted beauties. It is also very common to include sliding and swinging doors to let plenty of air in when you are tending to your plants.

Garden sheds will need a lot of shelving for plants to sit on and a large bench for you to work with soil and pot plants. You will also want to install areas to place or hang bins and baskets. 

Shed Alternatives

A shed does not only have to be for storage. You can make your shed into a craft or game room with some creativity. Sheds can be a little getaway to celebrate your favorite hobbies or just relax.

Make Your Shed into a Craft Room

Whether you call it a craft shed, She-Shed, He-Shed or just a second home, you can turn your storage shed into a full-fledged workstation for your favorite crafts with a little extra effort. To do this, you will want to run electricity to your shed. This job is best suited for an electrician, but adding outlets to your shed will allow for lighting, power tools and air conditioning.

Since these sheds will be where you spend quality time, you should aim to make the interior inviting. Just like your home, pick a design theme and run with it! Craft sheds can include furnishings, window coverings, and plenty of stylish, functional storage. 

Turn Your Shed into a Game Room

One of the more modern shed ideas that has become popular recently is to turn a large shed into a relaxing game room. If it is difficult to run electricity to your shed, add a dart board, foosball table or a large felt table for card games. 

If you have electricity access, you can include pinball machines, air hockey tables, gaming consoles and more. Keep in mind that if you have electronics in your shed, you will want to include an air conditioning system to protect delicate circuitry. A small overhead or floor unit can work just fine. If your shed has windows, you can also install a window AC unit to cool your space as well.

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Ideas For Creating the Perfect Backyard Shed

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