Interior Design Trends and Tips | Life by Design with Heather Fujikawa

Interior Design Trends and Tips | Life by Design with Heather Fujikawa

When it comes to interior design, Heather Fujikawa has a lot of experience to share. Between starring on Design Twins, providing New Traditional-style furniture and décor at her Dallas-based store, House Sprucing or stopping by Perry Homes for our Life by Design series, Heather has certainly been busy.

We were lucky to have Heather share some of her top interior design trends and tips, perfect for new home owners or experienced designers looking for the latest styles.

Heather Fujikawa’s Top Five Top Interior Design Trends

It is always important to stay up to date on the latest interior design trends, so you can inject freshness and a modern look into your home. Luckily, Heather was able to share some of the top design trends in 2022 she has seen in today’s most stunning home designs.

Green is In

“Green is the it  color,” Heather says, “From a sofa to tile on a wall, to rugs. Green is everywhere, from Paris to New York to Dallas, Texas! It is a very exciting color to have as the it color right now because it feels so good. It’s evergreen, natural, uplifting, positive and reminds people of newness.” Green shades work incredibly well with one another and also feel right at home with nature-inspired home designs. Try matching a light green accent wall with rattan funiture and tall house plants for look inspired by the outdoors.

So is Red

Shades of red, like Dusty Rose and soft red, are making a big comeback, whether on ottomans, pillows, drapery or wallpaper. Heather states, “It's exciting to see because it adds drama to your room. It's a great way to ground the space with a strong color!=“

Mix Your Whites

Heather also suggests mixing different shades of white paint to create a traditional and timeless look that does not come off too sterile. "A lot of people, when building a home, feel like they can only use one white paint, but we really believe in mixing a lot of different colors with white." Heather says, "It could be cream, off-white, natural white or paper white. It's easier on the eye, providing more interest. For example, you could have your baseboards be a stronger white, and the wall be a softer white." But Heather also suggests not going beyond three shades of white, or your space might come off too busy.

Try Mixing Mediums

Recent trends show the benefits of mixing mediums throughout a room, like filling your space with a leather ottoman, linen couch and a rattan chair. However, the recent trend is incorporating multiple mediums on a single piece of furniture. "You may have a sofa that has a linen silhouette, but it might have different touches of leather or rattan that's wrapped around it," Heather says, "You may even see this on a table that's wood, and it has brass tacks on it." There are plenty of

Opt for Linear Lighting

Utilizing unique lighting fixtures like drop pendants creates an even light source and a symmetrical effect. Heather also suggests trying out different options as well. “Linear lighting can be done across a dining room table where there's just a long line or lots of different candlesticks."

Design Tips from Heather

As the principal designer and co-owner of House Sprucing, Heather let us know some of the most common interior design mistakes new home owners make, along with some expert tips for those looking to design the perfect space.

Think About Space and Color When Entering a New Home

Perry homes are known for their open-concept designs that free up a lot of space to play with. But effectively incorporating space and color is essential when working with large rooms. "A lot of people are coming into a larger space, so they're bringing in their furniture, and it's really smaller scale than what the space allows for," Heather told us. Not sure how to choose furniture that scales with your space? Schedule a consultation with a qualified design expert. They can help provide options to utilize your space well. 

Heather also suggests creating your very own color story, "A color story is choosing a few colors that flow together, that demonstrate the personality that you want to live in your home." One way to choose the right color story for your home is to center it around one of your favorite design elements, like a rug or art piece. Build off those colors and design the rest of your room with matching or complimentary colors that tell your story. 

Do Your Homework

Before you start any home design project, Heather suggests doing plenty of research to understand the style you are going for. "They really need to understand what their style is," Heather says, "They need to do some homework and go find their style. The best way to do that is going to Pinterest or Houzz or look at online imagery and try to understand the style they're going for."

Heather also suggests a little home project to stoke your imagination. "Creating a mood board for what you're going for in the space can really help create a visualization. Once they have that image or visualization in mind, that will really help guide them to shop that look." 

Looking to try out some of the latest interior design trends with a blank slate? Discover your ideal home at Perry Homes. We have a wide range of open-concept homes available for your unique touch.

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Interior Design Trends and Tips | Life by Design with Heather Fujikawa

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