How To Effectively Light Your Home

How To Effectively Light Your Home

You have found the perfect dwelling, moved in your favorite furniture and are now ready to call your new house a home. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful room will look unkempt without the correct lighting. If you follow the rules below, your home will be the envy of your neighbors in no time.

Lighting Is Layering

Lighting goes beyond simply flipping a switch. Every room has multiple layers of light that must be considered to complete the overall look you wish to achieve:

  • Base Lighting: Overhead lights and large fixtures that make up the majority of the light are considered base lighting. Be sure that you are happy with this layer, as it sets the precedence for the entire room.
  • Task Lighting: This is a light fixture that serves a specific purpose. Examples include reading lamps in the living room or lights around a mirror in the bathroom.
  • Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is decorative in nature and allows homeowners to highlight different pieces of decor or areas of the room where they want to draw attention.

Utilize Our Leviton Wi-Fi Light Switch

At Perry Homes, smart comes standard. Every one of our new homes is equipped with Leviton Decora Smart WiFi 15A Universal LED/Incandescent Switches. All you need is a WiFi connection and the My Leviton app to control your lights from anywhere. A multifunctional tool, you can automate lighting based on cameras, thermostats, sensors and alarms, schedule lights and connected loads to turn on and off at specific times based on sunrise and sunset, easily group your smart devices into rooms and create scenes to activate multiple lights at once.

Utilize Natural Lighting

Why buy lighting fixtures if you have natural lighting already available? When designing your home, take note of where the windows, screen doors and skylights are in your home. If you position your decor in a manner that accentuates the natural light already coming in to your room, you will be able to save on electricity as well as enjoy the soft glow that this type of light affords. When utilizing natural lighting, remember that this lighting only works when the sun is out and plan for how you will light the room at night.

Think About The Color Of Your Room

When buying lamps and other external light sources, you will want to consider the color of paint and furniture in your room. No matter how many lights you place, a room that is covered in dark tones will never appear properly lit. On the other hand, be careful that you do not flood your room with overly saturated, bright colors as this can be overwhelming.

At Perry Homes, we want to help take your designs to the next level. Take a look around our website to find your next home today.

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How To Effectively Light Your Home

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