5 Unique Toy Storage Ideas to Elevate Your Living Space

5 Unique Toy Storage Ideas to Elevate Your Living Space

Are you on the hunt for unique toy storage ideas to help declutter your home without sacrificing style? Storage does not just have to be a pile in the closet or unsightly bin in the corner. You can work toy storage solutions into your home’s design for a seamless transition from play to entertaining. Stay organized and stylish with these five storage options guaranteed to create the perfect adult and child paradise in your living space.

1. Ottoman

Ottomans are a great place to conveniently and clandestinely store your children’s toys. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes to find a piece that is as functional for your space as it is stylish. Plus, your children will never be more than an arm’s reach away from their favorite playthings! This will help make playtime and cleanup a breeze.

Place the ottoman at the foot of a lounge chair or in front of your couch for an additional level of comfort and style. It is important to note that decorating your ottoman with blankets, trays, candles and other accessories may prove to be a hassle when getting in and out to retrieve toys—not to mention younger children may make a mess or even break accessories if opening the ottoman without clearing the top first.

2. Window Seat

Window seats are a great toy storage solution for a few reasons. First, they are the perfect height for young children. Your children will be able to easily access their favorite toys without risking a fall or having to pull down heavy bins. Additionally, you can divide your window seat into multiple compartments. This makes organizing and keeping track of your children’s toys much simpler.

Last—but certainly not least—window seats allow you space to stretch your creativity and add to your home’s unique style. From the wood type and color you choose to upholstery, pillows, blankets and wall accessories, a window seat can become your perfect relaxation nook and a conversation piece among guests. No one will ever suspect your luxurious window lounge area doubles as storage space—all they will see is a trendy design choice and the beautiful view outside your home.

3. Coffee Table

Whether you plan on finding a new coffee table with storage features or creating DIY toy storage from your current one, these pieces are a great option for storing your children’s toys. If you are on the hunt for the perfect new coffee table, there are a few considerations to be aware of. Drawers, both their size and number, can make a big difference in how much storage you will have. Height, width and depth of the drawers will also determine what kind of toys can fit—it is important to make sure items can easily be taken out and placed back in the drawers to help prevent accidents.

If you already have a coffee table you love, simply modify it. Try adding bins underneath to provide easy sliding storage.

4. Storage Cubes

These versatile pieces can be a great addition to many different areas of your home. If you have a shelf with some empty space on it, throw a few storage cubes on top. Entertainment units with open shelves or cubbies are also a great place to add storage cubes for easy and neat organization of your children’s toys.

Storage cubes come in a variety of styles. Choose the material—you can find everything from wood and wicker to fabric or metal—color, size, shape and more to create the perfect style addition to your space.

If you need even more storage options, consider placing a unit with stylish cubes behind your couch to create a faux pony wall. This works best for couches that are not placed against a wall, though a smaller storage unit could be used as a side table if desired.

5. Bins

Like with storage cubes, bins can come in a wide range of designs. Taller, freestanding bins can easily be placed out of the way in a corner or behind a piece of furniture—or try using shallower bins under beds, chairs or sofas for the perfect hidden storage space.

Compartmentalizing toys in different bins is also a great way to help keep your children’s toys organized. Designating a bin for each child can make cleanup a breeze and help prevent things from getting lost in the clutter.

Additional Storage Tips:

  • Heavier bins can be placed on rollers or carpet sliders to make movement easier and safer.
  • Labeling your storage spaces clearly can help you and the younger ones find what you are looking for faster and make cleanup more straightforward.
  • Mix and match your storage options to create the best system for your design, space and needs.

Did any of these toy storage ideas inspire the perfect design strategy for organization and style? Explore Perry Homes’ gallery to find the perfect living space for your family. You can also take a look at our move-in ready homes for an even faster road to your redesign. There is no need to wait! Find your dream home today.

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5 Unique Toy Storage Ideas to Elevate Your Living Space

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