Explore Perry Homes’ 3 Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

Explore Perry Homes’ 3 Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

Just like every other aspect of your home, popular kitchen countertop materials evolve with the trends over time. Whether you seek durability, luxury or easy maintenance, explore Perry Homes’ three most popular countertop surfaces to help you decide which material belongs in your future kitchen.


Quartz is the most popular kitchen countertop material at Perry Homes, and for good reason. This stunning surface, often referred to as engineered stone, is a man-made product made of small quartz rocks which are ground, mixed and sealed with resin to create a marble-like pattern. Quartz countertops usually combine various neutrals like white, cream, grey and black.

One of quartz’ largest selling points is that it is less expensive than granite, but still provides a high-end look. Plus, this non-porous material is resistant to spills, stains, heat and chips for easy cleanup and minimal maintenance.


If you are looking for both luxury and durability, granite is the right kitchen countertop material for you. Granite is a natural product cut directly from the earth, so it comes in many variations, shapes, sizes and colors. This makes it easy for you to make a bold statement that matches your style.

Keep in mind that since granite is a naturally porous material, it requires additional upkeep. Make sure you blot away spills instead of wiping them, use granite-specific cleaning solutions and soak up moisture with a dry cloth after you finish.

Sealing granite is also an essential step in proper maintenance, as the sealant helps protect your granite from spills. At Perry Homes, we pre-seal your granite before you move in with a high-quality barrier that lasts up to 15 years. Granite is a slightly more expensive kitchen countertop material that requires some extra upkeep, but it adds a sophisticated touch to any kitchen with its unmistakable shine.


Quartzite is a naturally occurring rock created by subjecting sandstone to extreme heat and pressure. It generally comes in hues of white and grey, but it often has pops of color from iron oxide and other minerals. Although this kitchen countertop material offers less selection for colors and patterns, it is more durable than both granite and quartz. Cleanup is easy, but quartzite does need to be re-sealed every year or so to prevent seeping. If you want a natural stone look with unbeatable durability at a mid-range price point, quartzite is for you.

Did any of these popular kitchen countertop materials catch your eye? Whether you are looking for a low-maintenance countertop option or a combination of style and practicality, you have many options to choose from. Browse Perry Homes’ gallery of beautiful kitchens for additional inspiration when designing your dream space.

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Explore Perry Homes’ 3 Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

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