Fall Backyard Activities

Fall Backyard Activities

As summer changes into fall, the blistering heat has hopefully come to an end. Now that you and your family no longer need to stay confined to an air conditioned room, the backyard is beckoning for you to enjoy it. Our team at Perry Homes wants you to partake in everything that the autumn season has to offer — right in your very own slice of outdoors. Listed below are several fun backyard activities to enjoy during fall.

Play Football

Nothing says autumn more than football. There’s no need to leave it only to the professionals, either! Gather a group of friends and family to form teams for a rousing game of backyard football. If you get enough people together, you may even be able to form teams and have a tournament. For those individuals who are not as athletically inclined, they can get in on the fun by coming up with team names and cheers. They may even consider mocking up jerseys and other memorabilia to support the teams.

Enjoy a Good Book

Autumn offers some of the most beautiful weather of the year, so why not enjoy your entertainment outside? Many of us have become accustomed to sitting inside our air-conditioned houses and streaming television and movies, but reading has many benefits that will not be gained by sitting in from of a screen. This fall, consider putting down the remote and picking up a book to read outside. To really get in the mood, consider brewing up some delicious apple cider to enjoy as you get lost in the story.


One of the most fun nighttime activities you can partake in during autumn is a bonfire. Gather friends, s’mores ingredients and your drinks of choice and get ready to have an awesome night! The best time to have a bonfire is on a night that is chillier than usual, as this will make the warmth from the fire even more appealing. You can have some bonus fun if you have friends who play instruments as everyone loves a good campfire jam.

Collect Leaves

Depending on where in Texas you live, you may be able to enjoy some changing colors in the trees this autumn season. If you have children, take them to the backyard and have them choose leaves that they find beautiful. Place their chosen leaves under a heavy book and leave them pressed for a day or two. When you remove the book, the leaves will be flattened and the beautiful fall colors will be even more evident. These pressed leaves can be framed, used in crafts or simply enjoyed as they are.

Throw an Autumn Bash

Summer barbecue season is over but that does not mean your outdoor parties need to be. Grab some friends and food and throw a party that will be remembered long after autumn is over. For tips on how to throw the ultimate fall party, check out one of our previous blog posts.

At Perry Homes, we want to help you enjoy your backyard all year long. Tour our selection of new homes and get ready to enjoy the autumn season.

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Fall Backyard Activities

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