Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Home

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Home

It can be tough shopping for the dad that has everything. With these Father’s Day gift ideas, you can shop for the perfect gift for your father, regardless of his tastes. Explore our guide for gifts that will impress your dad this holiday.

A Slatwall for the Handyman Dad

Does your father like working with his hands? A slatwall is a unique Father’s Day gift that will keep his tools and projects organized and easily accessible. Most slatwalls are made of lightweight wood and aluminum, making them incredibly light and durable. They are highly customizable, allowing him to place shelves of hooks to his specifications. He can easily adjust them, allowing him to move shelves or hooks around to accommodate the latest additions to his tool collection. 

An Indoor Garden For the Gardening Dad

Indoor gardening has become more popular over the years. Whether your father enjoys the relaxation of growing something or the health benefits of in-home produce, an indoor garden is the ultimate Father’s Day gift idea. There are plenty of options when it comes to indoor gardens. A hydroponic garden does not use soil and attracts fewer weeds and pests. Herb gardens are a popular way to add something fresh and tasty to dishes. Finally, terrariums are great for plants that thrive in humid climates.

An Outdoor Putting Green For the Sporty Dad

If your dad is looking to improve his short game, an indoor putting green is the quickest and easiest way to test his skill. Some of the more upscale putting greens on the market even include customization with special contour pads that allow him to adjust the break of the green. Best yet, indoor putting greens are made of synthetic materials that last a lifetime. Your father will be able to practice his game anytime. 

A Fire Pit For the Dad Who Loves to Host

Is your father a social butterfly? A fire pit is a great idea for Father’s Day because it can turn any backyard into an all-season gathering space, providing heat when it is cold and warm light during the summer months. A fire pit also adds a warm ambiance to a backyard that people cannot help but gather around. If you are worried about your dad having to stock up on firewood year-round, there are plenty of gas fire pits on the market that only require a propane tank, which he can get at any local gas station.

A Hammock For the Dad that Likes to Relax

Finally, an outdoor hammock is the pinnacle of comfort for the dad who just likes to relax and curl up with a good book. Hammocks position the body in an ideal sleeping position, with the head slightly elevated. They also provide the same type of support as a well-made mattress, alleviating pressure in areas that can cause pain, like the shoulders or back. In fact, studies show that people who sleep in hammocks may experience better naps, as the rocking motion can help positively synchronize brain waves.

These Father’s Day gift ideas are perfect for any home. However, if you are looking for ways to display your father’s newest gifts, explore Perry Homes’ gallery of homes for some interior design ideas.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Home

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