Get Organized for the New Year

Get Organized for the New Year

New year, new you! The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to re-organize your home and prepare yourself for what the coming year has to offer. While this idea is great in theory, it can feel overwhelming once you actually start. Do not fret. Our team at Perry Homes is here to offer you tips on how to get started in your organization efforts.

Rid Your Home of Clutter

The first step to getting organized is identifying what you no longer need. Over the past year, you and your family may have acquired items that are not used anymore, from toys to household items to decorative pieces to clothes. Clutter may make your home look unkempt and may have negative effects on your mental health. Some people who have too many items in their homes find it more difficult to focus and may even become depressed. While it can be difficult to throw out sentimental items, you may be better off in the long run.

Ridding your home of clutter is best done in several rounds. First, grab a trash bag and choose a specific room in your house. Look around the room to see what you can throw away without hesitation. Your kitchen pantry could have expired food or multiple items of the same ingredient. Your bathroom may have old makeup and cleaning supplies you no longer use. After you have gone through this process for each room, it is time for you to revisit each room and consider sentimental items thoughtfully. Do you have clothes in your closet that no longer fit or reflect your style? Is the lamp on your living room table necessary? Which toys do your children actually play with? Be honest with yourself throughout this process and carefully throw away or donate the items you determine are no longer used in your home.

Find a Spot for Everything

Now that you have disposed of your excess belongings, it is time for all your remaining items to find a designated place in your home. You will make your home look tidy and have good reason to put things back where they belong in the future.

Start with your bedroom, as it is often one of the easier rooms to keep organized. If you have many items on top of your nightstand and dresser, consider designating a specific drawer for the more practical items such as a book, reading glasses and electronic chargers. Or if you prefer to keep them on top of your furniture pieces, find a decorative container, such as a basket or box, to keep them neatly organized.

Because so much time is spent in the living room, you want to be sure that there is enough space for everyone to hang out comfortably. Consider purchasing multifunctional furniture items , such as shelved coffee tables, in order to have extra storage space. Be sure that any cords in your living room stay untangled and neatly placed behind furniture.

Because of all the small food items and ingredients, your kitchen may be the most difficult room to keep organized. Keep like items together. Have designated cabinets and drawers for plates, silverware, utensils, cups and any other miscellaneous items you may have. If you have ingredients that often go together, keep them together in your pantry to make future food preparation easier. Go through every area of your kitchen and repeat this process in order to make your kitchen as efficient as possible.

At Perry Homes, we want to ring in the new year in exciting and productive ways. If you are looking for a big change this year, check out our new homes for sale and do not forget to come back to our blog to find more homemaking tips.

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Get Organized for the New Year

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