Guide to Outdoor Furniture

Guide to Outdoor Furniture

We have been cooped up inside during the dreary winter months, but there is an end in sight! While spring may have a little bit more time until it arrives, the temperatures are rising and it is time to get prepared. Here at Perry Homes, we have put together a comprehensive guide to buying outdoor furniture that will turn your yard into the perfect outdoor living space.

Make a List and Budget Appropriately

Take a walk around the outdoor areas of your home that you wish to furnish. What all is missing? What do you need? The basics generally include chairs and tables, but think about what you want to be doing in this outdoor space. Do you like roasting marshmallows around a fire? Prepare to buy or build a fire pit and the associated furniture. Is your patio in direct sunlight during the day? Plan on purchasing coverings and furnishings that can withstand the heat. No matter how you wish to utilize your outdoor space, you should create a list of the items that will help you accomplish your goal. Determine the budget of your outdoor space and then purchase your items accordingly.

Consider the Hardiness of Your Furniture

The main difference between your indoor and outdoor furniture is that your outdoor furniture must be able to endure harsh outdoor conditions. Between hot sunlight, pouring rains and high winds, nature can be incredibly brutal.

Because Texas is notorious for its heat and its rain, remember that hot, dry conditions can make cheap wood crack, and the rain can warp it as well. It is also not a good idea to invest in cheap or lightweight materials, as the wind may carry them away from your home. Spend the time doing research in order to find appropriate pieces for your specific climate.

Comfort is Key

Just because outdoor furniture needs to withstand the elements does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort.If it is difficult to get cozy in a piece of furniture, then it will probably not be utilized at all. Before you buy a chair or couch, sit down and see how you feel. Ask family or friends to do the same in order to be sure that everyone can ease into it.

Determine Your Storage Options

Even though outdoor furniture is designed to handle the wear and tear from natural elements, there are weather conditions that are too severe for even the toughest furniture to withstand. Hurricanes, tornadoes and other extreme weather will require you to find storage options if you do not want your furniture to be damaged. Also consider seasonal factors, such as pollen and falling leaves and how much time you want to spend cleaning your furniture.. If you have room in a garage or shed, this should protect against most instances of bad weather. For individuals without much storage space, consider getting folding furniture when possible.

Love How it Looks

You will not be happy with even the hardiest, most comfortable piece of furniture if you do not like the way it looks. What style are you going for in your backyard? Find pieces that fit in with your own personal taste and ambience you want to create in your outdoor space.

At Perry Homes, we want to help you love every area of your home. Check out our beautiful new homes for sale and do not forget to take a look at our blog, as we update it regularly!

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Guide to Outdoor Furniture

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