4 Holiday Décor Ideas and Tips To Spruce Up Your Space

4 Holiday D├ęcor Ideas and Tips To Spruce Up Your Space

Are you looking for new holiday décor ideas to help add some sparkle to your space this winter? Whether you prefer DIY holiday decorations or shopping for festive finds, the right decorations can create a special atmosphere in your home and help everyone get into the holiday spirit. Explore our guide to decorating for the holidays to help craft your own winter wonderland.

Be Strategic About Where You Place Your Decorations

It can be tempting to start shopping for decorations right away and figure out where you will place them later. However, you should plan ahead and find the perfect spots in your home for certain types of décor. Aim to highlight the homes architectural aspects, such as the front door, fireplace mantel, staircase and chandeliers. These areas can enhance your space and show off its uniqueness with the holiday decorations you choose.

Find the Right Lighting

Hanging beautiful lights inside and outside your home is a classic holiday tradition that can make decorating for the holidays that much more special. Whether you want to light up the sky or just add some twinkle here and there, you can always count on lighting to help you set the mood for the holidays.

You may want to do a little research or create a board on Pinterest to help you decide what kinds of lights you would like to use and where to place them. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative and showcase your home.

Whether you opt for traditional white or colorful bulbs, lights can add a lot to the overall ambiance of your home. Just be sure to limit or avoid pulsating lights that produce strobe-like intervals. Lights that flash too harshly can easily become a distraction rather than enhancing your space. They can also cause discomfort or dizziness for people who are sensitive to flashing lights.

Decide on a Color Palette

Choosing the right color palette can help you create a unified theme to work with. Most people assume that their holiday décor needs to be traditional holiday colors, such as green, red and silver. However, you do not need to limit yourself to specific hues. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating for the holidays.

Focus on finding colors that will not clash with your home’s décor and paint. Metallics can be a fun addition if your house — or the room you are decorating — consists mostly of neutral or basic tones. Monochromatic color schemes are always a good choice as well, especially when you pair them with holiday knick-knacks like pine cones, ivy, poinsettia flowers or pine sprigs.  

Ultimately, you should choose a color palette based on the mood you are looking to create in your home. If you are looking for cozy, warm holiday décor, opt for dark reds, earth tones and golds. For a bolder feel, experiment with metallics, blues and brighter tones.

Create the Perfect Tablescape

Even if your holiday meals are a little bit smaller this year, you can still have fun creating a beautiful tablescape to add to your décor. Tablescapes can be as simple or imaginative as you would like. There is no limit to how often you can change it up or the things you can do to make yours stand out.

Designing a tablescape can be an art form all its own. It goes far beyond placing a few flowers or fake fruits in the center of your table — it allows you to tell a story or create a mini winter wonderland, if you wish. Here are some popular tablescape setups to spark your imagination: 

Holiday Scenes

There is no limit to what you can do when it comes to crafting a memorable holiday scene in your tablescape. Take some time to get inspired and create a list or vision board of potential ideas. Maybe you want to design a scene that looks like a snowy yard, or perhaps you want to include characters or tell a specific story (e.g., Santa delivering presents, a Christmas nativity scene, etc.).

Once you have chosen a scene to create, look for pictures to help you decide what props you will need. For example, a winter wonderland scene might require a mini wood sled, a snowman, fake snow, small bottled trees and perhaps a mini lantern. Many arts and crafts stores and online shops offer unique selections of items for tablescapes if you do not want to make your own.

Repeating Objects and Colors

Simple tablescapes can be just as beautiful as creative winter scenes. Using repetition is a unique way to make simple objects stand out and create one cohesive design. For example, look for various size vases or bowls and fill them with items, such as fake flowers or ornaments. Perhaps you also want to find some pretty, tall candlesticks tied with bows to strategically place around your tablescape.

Whether you choose to include flowers, vases, glass art pieces or candles in your design, playing around with the height can add a dramatic touch to even the most simple tablescapes. Do not be afraid to try a mix of small and tall pieces. 

There is no limit to what you can do with the most simple objects, and this strategy can be a more costeffective way of creating a pop of color in the middle of your dining table.

Vintage Christmas

If a modern or whimsical tablescape display is not your style, opt for pieces that offer a sense of nostalgia or familiarity. Maybe you found some old Christmas objects at an antique store that you are not sure what to do with. Perhaps you have a few old family keepsakes from past Hanukkah celebrations that would make a great centerpiece. The holidays are a time to celebrate traditions and gather around a shared space to create new ones, so do not hesitate to incorporate some old knick-knacks into your tablescape.

There is certainly no shortage of holiday décor ideas to help turn your home into the perfect winter wonderland. Are you ready to find your dream home where you can create new holiday memories for years to come? Explore Perry Homes’ move-in ready properties to help you find the perfect home base just in time for the holidays!

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4 Holiday Décor Ideas and Tips To Spruce Up Your Space

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