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What to Expect When Closing on a House

Closing on a house is the final step in the home buying journey. Explore...Read More

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The Benefits of Buying a New Home vs. Pre-Owned Home

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How to Research Home Prices and Understand the Housing Market

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A Homebuyer’s Guide to How Closing Costs Are Determined

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How Long Does It Take to Buy a House?

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Personalize Your New Home With Perry Homes’ Design Center

Custom-built homes allow homebuyers to personally design their perfect space. Explore how Perry Homes Design Center can...Read More

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Historically Low Interest Rates: What Buyers Should Know

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How to Save for a House: From Costs to Budgeting Tips

Understanding how to save for a house can help you find your dream home on a dream budget. Try these tips to help simplify your finances during...Read More

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Tips to Help You Navigate the Home Building Process

Do you need help navigating the home building process? Perry Homes has tips to help you tackle every step in creating the home of...Read More

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Your New Home Final Walk-Through Checklist

Having a detailed final walk-through checklist can help ensure both you and your new home are ready for closing. Discover everything you should check before...Read More

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