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Home Inspection Process Tips and Tricks

The search for the perfect home is full of highs and lows, especially when it comes to dollar amounts. Between closing costs, transaction fees and other additional expenses littered throughout the...Read More

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7 Questions for Real Estate Agents Interviewing Potential Buyers

Asking these questions helps set expectations and create better buying experiences If you are in the real estate business—or have been on the market yourself—you know that the internet is full...Read More

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4 Financial Steps to Buying a House

A home buying checklist for beginners and veterans alike For most of us, when we think of the process of buying a house we envision mortgage lenders, real estate agents and...Read More

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A Foolproof Method for Touring Model Homes

This five-step methodology will help you get the most from model home tours Close your eyes and imagine what your future home will look like. What do you see? A deep...Read More

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4 Effective Digital Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

When real estate is already a lightning-quick battlefield, it is important to get ahead of the competition in any professional way possible. In some real estate markets, the time between discovery...Read More

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3 Big Advantages of the Agent-Homebuilder Relationship

If there is one easy button for alleviating stress during the homebuying process, it is working closely with a real estate agent and a homebuilder, especially when buying a new construction...Read More

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Four Easy Steps to Moving Across the Country

So you have it all: an exciting new job across the country, a beautiful new home and devoted family and friends to support you. First of all: well done, you! Unfortunately...Read More

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Why Buying a New Home is Better than Renting

Listen up, renters. There’s no more waiting. No more “just looking.” It’s time to own your home rather than shell out thousands each year to live in a building that doesn’t...Read More

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