Deck the Halls With Home Holiday Decor in Every Room

Deck the Halls With Home Holiday Decor in Every Room

There is no place like home for the holidays, so why limit your holiday home decorations to only part of your space? Instead, turn every room into a winter wonderland with these simple decor ideas. Explore our guide to spread some cheer to parts of your home that are often forgotten when decking the halls.


You do not have to give your room a full-blown makeover to make it feel more festive. Even small touches of home holiday decor in the bedroom will be enough to make you smile every time you walk through the door.

Small Tree

It has become increasingly common for households to set up mini trees in bedrooms, usually six feet or shorter. Children absolutely adore having a room tree to call their own, and it is the perfect spot to keep smaller gifts and homemade ornaments that you may not want on display in the great room.

Bedding Upgrades

Rather than overhauling your bedding, simply add a few pillows or fleece blankets that match your color scheme. This year, search for throw pillows with subtle snowflake accents, sweater prints and tasteful holiday graphics — bonus points if there are sparkly or three-dimensional elements.

Dresser Decor

Start with a fun table runner, then add in your favorite sentimental home holiday decor, such as candles, mini trees, figurines and family photos in festive frames.

Tray Tables

This is a great design element for guest bedrooms, especially. Set a nice tray on the bed that is both aesthetic and practical for visitors. Include winter-scented soaps and lotions along with a few festive guest towels, then embellish with pinecones, greenery and ornaments.


Imagine the delight on your guests’ faces when they realize you have put effort into every square inch of your home. Even the smallest accents can make your home feel warmer and more inviting.

Towels and Rugs

Transforming your bathroom into a wintery escape is as easy as switching out your current bathmat, shower curtain, rugs and/or hand towels for something a little more festive.

Flora and Fauna

Set a vase on the counter filled with your favorite holiday plants. You cannot go wrong with vibrant, red poinsettias or clusters of neutral pines and twigs. Tie it all up with a beautiful ribbon!

Scents Are Everything

If you are searching for somewhere to set your favorite festive candles, soaps or lotions, bathrooms are the perfect place for a pleasant scent. Not only is this decor practical — because everyone loves smelling something yummy — but the red and green packaging of the products will add a nice pop of holiday color into an often-forgotten space.


Make your kitchen feel cozy even when you are not baking cookies with a few simple holiday home decorations. It is easy to bring the holiday spirit from the living room right into the kitchen.


The kitchen is a perfect spot for a wreath. Place it atop your oven range hood, on the back of your island barstools or over your cabinets.


Adorn your countertops with small home holiday decor, including mini trees, holiday mugs, nutcrackers, candy bins, cookie jars and other trinkets that make your house feel more like home. You can even add some string lights and fake snow along your backsplash.


Tie a perpendicular ribbon around your cupboard doors, then add a big bow to the middle. Muted, solid-color ribbons will create a classier look, and patterned reds and greens will leave you with something more whimsical.


Your front entrance sets the tone for a guest’s experience in your home. Make them feel welcome as soon as they walk in with these holly, jolly finishing touches.


If your staircase is visible from your entryway, the possibilities for holiday home decorations are endless. One great option is to string garland, ribbon or lights around the railing. You can even hang your stockings from the stairs if you do not have a traditional fireplace.

Serene Scenes

Your entryway table is the ideal spot to display your favorite holiday scenes that have been passed down for generations. Maybe it is your grandmother’s old, handmade nativity set or menorah. Or, perhaps it is your father’s treasured collection of miniature winter villages. It could even be a framed photo of your children’s genuine smiles when opening presents. Whatever it is that makes your family unique, display it proudly this holiday season and let it set the tone for your entire home.

From your kitchen and entryway to your bathroom and bedroom, home holiday decorations are an important part of making your house feel like a home. Explore Perry Homes' move-in ready properties in Texas and find the perfect space for all your favorite home holiday decor next year.

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Deck the Halls With Home Holiday Decor in Every Room

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