A Homebuyer’s Guide to Touring a Model Home

A Homebuyer’s Guide to Touring a Model Home

If you are in the early stages of your home buying journey, you may be wondering: “Where can I tour model homes near me?” or “what are the benefits of touring a model home?” Visiting model homes is a valuable experience on the road to homeownership because it allows you to visualize what your future house would look like. Are you ready to start house hunting? Take a look at these tips to help you get the most out of your model home tour.

Make a List 

Knowing exactly what you want before you take a model home tour is one of the first steps in the home buying journey. Map all the elements your current lifestyle requires now and keep in mind what you will need in the future. Your list should include things you would like, as well as things that are deal-breakers. With your list in hand, you can ask yourself questions as you explore each home. This will help you stay focused and ensure that you choose the right home for your family’s life and style.

This list is not set in stone, though. It can change to meet your needs, so do not feel pressured to only tour homes that check every box.

Take Notes and Pictures

Model homes are decorated to help you envision what yours might look like. There could be some design elements that you love and some that you may not want to include in your new home. Take note of the things you will want to remember—and be sure to take pictures of anything you may want to use as a reference later. You can also explore Perry Homes’ online gallery of homes for additional design inspiration from the comfort of your living room.

Keep in mind builders create model homes to showcase what they can do, so they might use upgraded fixtures, finishes and hardware. During the tour, you should find out if your favorite features come standard or if there is an additional cost.

Ask Questions

While this part may sound basic, it is often overlooked. Asking questions allows you to learn more about the property and the builder. Perry Homes’ Sales Professionals are here to help answer any questions you may have about the building process and workmanship warranties, as well as what design elements are upgrades or come standard. They can also help you select a preferred homesite and floor plan that fits your lifestyle.

Additionally, our team can provide you with more detailed information about the products featured within the home. Every Perry Homes property comes with smart home technology, such as a Nest thermostat and doorbell system, at no additional cost.

Have Fun

While the homebuying process can be overwhelming, remind yourself that this is an exciting and lifechanging experience. This is the opportunity to find the home of your dreams. It is time to let loose and watch your desires come to fruition.

These are not the only tips for touring a model home, though. Do not forget to take a drive or go for a stroll around the area and the community. You will want to take the time to explore nearby outdoor activities, shopping and entertainment surrounding your new house. This will be your new home base, so you will want to get to know it well.

Touring a model home can give you an idea of what you want and do not want in your future home. Are you ready to find the perfect new home for your family? Explore and compare Perry Homes’ move-in ready properties to find your dream home today!

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A Homebuyer’s Guide to Touring a Model Home

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