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Homeowner Tips

A Foolproof Cold Weather Home Maintenance Checklist

Prepare your home for fall and winter with these 7 easy suggestions Believe it or not, the official first day of fall is fast approaching which means cooler weather, leaves and...Read More

homeowner tips

A Homeowner’s Guide to Understanding Property Taxes

When budgeting the cost of a new home, most future homeowners focus on securing a manageable mortgage payment. But that mortgage is only the beginning. There are many additional costs that...Read More

homeowner tips

6 Tips to Tackling Seasonal Home Maintenance This Fall

When the temperatures start to drop, resist the urge to hibernate Maintaining your home is a never-ending task, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed trying to keep on top of...Read More

homeowner tips

A Summer Cleaning Checklist to Keep Any Home in Shape

Even post-spring cleaning, there is still plenty to scrub, clean and organize We should probably just admit it: no matter how much we dream of lazy months by the pool, summer...Read More

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The Best Ways to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

Lower the electric bill, stay cool outside, or do both at the same time Texans do not need an official summer weather forecast to know that the coming months will be...Read More

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