Hosting Out of Town Guests for the Holidays

Hosting Out of Town Guests for the Holidays

Hosting Out of Town Guests for the Holidays

Deck the halls and light the hearth! It is the time of year to welcome guests into your home, whether for an evening or a week or two – or longer. In many cases, the holidays offer a chance to see people you do not get to see very often. Yet as much as you want to see your loved ones, sometimes an impending visit can feel overwhelming. There is much to do to prepare for guests’ arrival. You want to make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need while they are visiting. And perhaps you are worried what to do if a potential issue arises. Regardless of how long your guests plan on calling your house a home, we are here to help you make it as pleasant a visit as possible.

Opening your home for guests: the pre-party

Hosting guests usually brings out the best in our cleaning and organization skills, as we want to make a good impression. In fact, it can be a good kick-start to getting your home ready for the holidays. Make sure you clear away as much clutter as possible to make room for all the extra stuff your guests will inevitably bring with them. You will probably do this anyway to make room for any new holiday decorations you are setting out, so why not go ahead and do it then? In the guest room, make some space in the closet for them to hang their clothes. Clear out a few drawers to give them a convenient storage space for things they can not hang or other things they want to keep tucked away.

Make sure to take special care when cleaning any spaces your guests will be using often, most especially bathrooms and bedrooms. You may be inspired to go a step further, setting out the specials soaps and plush towels that you reserve solely for company. Think beyond basic necessities and brainstorm specials items you can prepare for guests to use, such as comfy robes, good books, a card with Wifi information or a smart TV with guest profiles set up on popular apps.

Create a cozy winter hideaway

Your guests will likely be tired from traveling, especially if they are coming from far away. Why not create a cozy respite that not only makes them feel right at home, but also offers a mini escape? Have fun setting up the room. You could even tailor the room with winter or holiday-themed decor to really get your guests in the spirit. The icy blue and wintry white touches in this bedroom evoke visions of glitter-dusted frost while also providing ultimate relaxation for your guests.

Spacious Bedroom with Windows

Liven up your home’s atmosphere with scented candles or melting wax. Choose scents that embody the spirit of the season, such as Mistletoe, Christmas Cookie or Sparkling Spruce.

Basic and beyond: assessing needs

Aside from the givens you will have ready for your guests like toilet paper, towels and sheets, you will also need to think about things they will need during the stay. Make them feel at home by showing them the areas in the pantry and fridge where they can find food and beverages. Consider any special dietary concerns, and if you feel uncertain about buying food in advance, go shopping together once they arrive.

Do your guests have children or pets they will be bringing? Ask them what they will need before they arrive so you can be ready. If they have young children, make sure your house is baby-proofed within reason. You do not want your expensive vase sitting on the table smashed to bits on the floor. On the other hand, most guests will be considerate when bringing children, either bringing what they will need or advising you of it well in advance.

Handling squirmishes

Ideally, you and your guests will have a blast during their visit and you will be sad to see them go. Sometimes life does not always go as planned, so just be sure to remain open-minded and flexible. The holidays are stressful enough without adding another element of tension. Are your kids who have been booted from their bedroom complaining they want their space back? Remind them that they only get to see their grandparents a couple times a year and the time will be over before they know it. Are the in-laws overstaying their welcome? Have your spouse politely talk to them when you have reached your limit.

The important thing to remember is that the holiday season is all about celebrating joy with loved ones. Remember that the holidays only come around once a year, so try to push past the inconveniences that arise from houseguests and enjoy the time together. Perry Homes offers families the perfect places to special time with guests during the holidays and year-round.

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Hosting Out of Town Guests for the Holidays

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