How to Decorate With White

How to Decorate With White

Do you love the crisp, clean look of white but are afraid it might look too bland or stark in your home? Have no fear! White is a beautiful home color choice that can evoke many different positive feelings. It can be soothing, offering peace and tranquility. It can also be bright and energizing, motivating you to face the day ahead with excitement. The truth is, decorating with white can be what you want it to be, depending on how you do it. There are lots of different ways you can incorporate white into your rooms—it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. We’ll share some tips on how to decorate with white and keep your home comfortable and inviting.

Imagine it as a fresh start

White has a fresh, clean connotation, so if you’re building a room around this color, think of it as a new beginning, with the freedom to add the accents you want. Having lots of white furniture gives you the chance to go bold with a particular piece—a show-stopping rug, an interesting bookshelf, or exciting throw pillows. The countertop accents in this all-white kitchen really pop with the neutral backdrop. And this stunning kitchen allows the gorgeous countertop and flooring to shine. The point is that white opens you up to explore more possibilities in decor and lets you focus on what really speaks to you.

Shades of white

There are many different varieties when it comes to white, and you should be mindful when choosing your decor to make sure you pick the hue or shade the most appeals to you. Pure white can be beautiful, just as white with a touch of gray or blue can offer a cool feeling, while whites with yellow or red can brighten a space with its warmth. You don’t have to be scientific about it—just examine the pieces you like in different lights and decide which ones you prefer.

white living room with a couch, chairs, a coffee table and a fire place

Focus on texture

Since white gives your home a simpler, cleaner look, you have more room to play with fun texture and accents. Add interest to a white couch with unique throw pillows,or brighten up a white mantel with an eye-catching sculpture. Rooms that have too many other colors competing for attention don’t have as much liberty to showcase grand items, so take advantage of this perk of decorating with white.

Choose carefully for stain control

If you have pets or kids (or maybe even if you don’t), you’re probably wondering how to keep stains at bay in white rooms. The trick is to choose your items with care based on where they will be and what they will be used for. Pay attention to the type of fabric on furniture. For high traffic areas, consider faux leather, faux suede, or slipcovers that can be easily washed. White in a kitchen should be fine—quartz and granite are known to be stain-resistant. If you want white chairs in your kitchen, pick ones that can be easily wiped clean.

Choosing white for your home will brighten and open the space and allow you to give it your own personal touch. We have many white options to choose when building a home with Perry Homes. Check out our Gallery of Homes to feel inspired!

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How to Decorate With White

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