How to Diagnose a Leaky Ice Maker

How to Diagnose a Leaky Ice Maker

An ice maker is a home appliance that many of us take for granted. From delicious drinks to tasty frozen treats for the family, they can be used in a multitude of different ways. When the ice maker breaks, it can lead to frustrating situations for all members of the family. Below are the most common causes of a leaky ice maker.

Level the Freezer

The first step to assessing what could be wrong with the ice maker is to check to make sure that your freezer is sitting as it should be. Your refrigerator and freezer must be perfectly level in order for the ice maker to work. If they are not level, this can lead to leakage.For your safety, unplug the freezer before starting any work on investigating parts. Place a level in the freezer from side to side, adjusting the levels to raise and lower them. Continue this process until the freezer is aligned properly from left to right. Repeat this process by placing the level from the front to the back of the freezer to level the entirety of it.

Level the Ice Maker

If the entirety of the freezer is level, the leakiness may result from the ice maker itself. Open your freezer and locate the ice maker. If it is sitting lopsided, unscrew the mounting screws and then realign them so that they sit completely level. After they are set, make sure that they are screwed in tight in order to prevent the ice maker from moving.

Water Supply Line

The water supply line is the large tube behind your freezer that filters water into your ice maker. If this line is broken or leaking, it can cause the ice machine to not work properly. Move your freezer out from the wall and check the water supply line to make sure there are no kinks, tears or other damages to this strong tube.

Fill Cup

The fill cup is a funnel that directs water into the freezer and into the ice cup molds. Open your freezer and check the fill cup to make sure that it is aligned properly, as even the smallest upset can cause leakage in the ice maker.

Inlet Valve

If you have attempted the previous fixes and are still experiencing leaks from your ice maker, you may want to check that the inlet valve is working. The inlet valve is located at the bottom of the freezer. Disconnect the power, water and supply line and use a bucket to catch all of the water from inside the inlet valve before you begin any repairs. If you think that the inlet may be the problem but you are not comfortable with making repairs yourself, you may want to bring in a professional to do the work for you.

If you do decide that you want to do the repair yourself, take note of where all the wires are connected and then disconnect them. Use a multimeter to check the resistance of the coil. Be sure to also inspect the mechanical functioning of the inlet valve, as both the mechanical and electronic components of the inlet valve can fail.

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How to Diagnose a Leaky Ice Maker

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