How To Organize a Laundry Room in Your Home

How To Organize a Laundry Room in Your Home

If doing laundry is one of your least favorite chores, it may have something to do with the way your room is set up. Knowing how to organize a laundry room is the first step toward creating a functional and efficient space. Luckily, there are plenty of laundry room organization ideas to make these rooms a pleasure to work in. Explore these tips to help you put together a practical laundry room in your home.

Laundry Room Organization Tips

Laundry rooms are utilitarian spaces that can range anywhere from makeshift nooks to dedicated rooms. But if the space is not organized properly, it can feel chaotic no matter the size. Here are a few ideas to help you design a well-organized space:

Find a Flat Work Surface

One of the most important elements of a highly organized laundry room is to have a flat work surface. Minor clothes repairs, stain removal prep and folding the laundry are all easiest on a flat surface. Add a countertop on top of your washer and dryer to create a work area that allows you to accomplish these tasks with ease. If that is not an option, use a portable cart or table that is tall enough for you to work on while standing up.

Smart Storage

Storage is essential to maintaining an organized laundry room. Floating shelves or cabinets are a great solution for storing everyday items like laundry detergent within reach. Make sure you keep bleach and other chemicals up high enough so that young children cannot reach them. If you do not have much space around your washer and dryer, you may want to consider in-between storage units. Look for a sliding storage tower that can easily fit between your units. This will keep your space tidy, as well as make everything easy to find in one spot.

Space for Hanging

Every laundry room should have a place to hang delicate items you prefer to air-dry. A bath-towel holder installed on the underside of a cabinet makes the perfect spot to hang a row of clothing. This can also be helpful when you are ironing, as you can hang pressed shirts as you work. If you are short on space, it may be worthwhile to invest in a wall-mounted clothing valet. It flips down to hold hangers as you iron or empty out the dryer, then folds up against the wall when it is not in use.

Find Your Laundry Room Hot Spot

Do you have a certain place in your laundry room where things tend to pile up? It is time to give that area a new job. If dirty clothes are always left next to the dryer, for example, add a basket where your family can place their clothes. By giving these items their own space, you eliminate the ability for things to be left in a particular spot.

These are not the only laundry room organization ideas, though. Use the back of your laundry room door for additional storage space. This is the perfect spot to hang hooks for your brooms or lint rollers. You can even store your ironing board on the back of the door when it is not in use.

Understanding how to organize a laundry room can help you craft a space that will make folding less of a chore and more of a pleasure. Are you looking for more ideas to organize your space? Explore Perry Homes’ gallery of modern designs to find your inspiration.

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How To Organize a Laundry Room in Your Home

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