How to Organize your Garage

How to Organize your Garage

Garages can easily get cluttered, whether you are starting a pile with the hope of cleaning it up later or not having a layout that provides the space needed for your belongings. Bikes, tools and boxes can fill a garage to the point where your car has to stay in the driveway. If you have been intending to clean out and organize your garage or if you cannot find where your swimming gear from last year is, Perry Homes is here to offer some much needed tips that will help you organize your garage so your car does not need to be parked outside in the Texas heat.

Work From the Inside Out

  • In order to not dread going in your garage, make sure the interior of your home is fairly organized beforehand. During the cleaning process, you may find items in the garage that will be better suited inside your home.

Create Time in Your Schedule

  • If you have a long weekend or some time off of work, you will have more uninterrupted time to get some work done and will finish sooner. It is recommended to clean out your garage when the weather is nice to prevent items from getting damaged and be more comfortable during this organizing chore.

Game Plan with Helpers

  • Have a game plan for the ideal layout of your garage. Write a list of which items should be grouped together and make piles for whether they will be kept, sold, donated or trashed. A few common categories that items can be grouped into are seasonal decor, sports and recreational equipment, and tools.
  • Get a few people to help you with this task. If you decide to clean out and organize the garage by yourself, you may feel overwhelmed. The more people there are, the faster the task will get finished.
  • Buy containers after figuring out what you are organizing so you do not buy the wrong size or amount.

Organizing Your Garage

  • Install a rack or use a slat wall to hold shovels, brooms, and other equipment. This will prevent them from piling up in one corner of the garage.
  • For an extra organization technique, you can install a wall pegboard and hang tools such as a wrench, hammer or scissors inside their designated outlines. You can also build a portable tool caddy if you spend a lot of time in the garage and like to move around.
  • If you have the height, ceiling racks are a great way to create extra space and are a good area to store wooden boards or use to hang fishing rods.
  • You can reuse coffee cans and other small containers for recycling purposes or to store screws, nails and other small items as a convenient way to not misplace anything.
  • Use clear containers and bins to see exactly what you are storing or use labels so you will not have to open the bins until they are needed for usage.

Keep it Clean

  • Try to keep items off the floor. This will leave extra room for cars, walking space and help prevent future clutter.  

Summer Cleaning

We know organizing and making a home your own can be an overwhelming and stressful task. Perry Homes works with homebuyers throughout the buying and designing process to help alleviate this stress. Take a look out some of our move-in ready homes and floorplans. We even offer houses with convenient 3-car garages that provide plenty of space for your tools, cars and summer gear.

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How to Organize your Garage

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