7 Ideas for Storing Your Pots and Pans

7 Ideas for Storing Your Pots and Pans

If you cook at home, you likely have plenty of cookware to prepare your favorite dishes. But storing pots and pans can limit much-needed space in your kitchen. Explore our guide to learn the best ways to organize your pots and pans while maintaining plenty of space for other items.

1. Store Them on Pot Rails

Organizing your pots and pans on pot rails is a convenient way to keep your cookware close at hand and save cabinet space in the process. With pot rails, you can hang your favorite pots and pans on the wall. This setup is decorative and practical, displaying your cookware for all to see.

2. Hang Them From the Ceiling

Overhead pot racks allow you to hang your cookware from the ceiling. This provides a great and quick way to store your pots and pans while making an interesting centerpiece in your kitchen. These setups are the best way to organize your decorative pots and pans while protecting them from scrapes and scratches.

3. Use Pegboards

A pegboard is a highly versatile way to store everything from tools, cleaning equipment, and yes, even your cookware. Arranging a pegboard is easy. Simply insert the pegs where you want them, allowing enough space for the cookware. One added benefit of a pegboard is that it makes for a great accent wall for your kitchen, showing off your favorite cookware.

4. Store Them in the Corner (with the right equipment)

Vertical pot racks are tower-shaped, allowing you to store your pots and pans in the corner of your kitchen while keeping them accessible. This is a great stacking option that protects your non-stick surfaces since these storage pieces keep your cookware separated.

5. Limit Your Lids

Most pots and pans come with their own lids, but consider that different types of cookware often come in the same sizes. Many times, the lids are interchangeable. For example, if you own an 18-inch pasta pot, wok and pan, each item's lids are likely interchangeable. Rather than holding on to every lid for each piece of your cookware, keep only one or two that fit multiple pieces. They even sell universal lids that can fit all your cookware if you really want to save space.

6. Store Oft-Used Cookware Outside Your Kitchen

Some pots and pans get a lot more use than others. If you start each day with some scrambled eggs, you are probably getting a lot of mileage out of one fry pan. However, other items like double broilers, pasta pots, small saucepans and the like do not get used as often. One way to save space is to regulate this cookware outside the kitchen, like in a storage closet.

7. Stack Them (With Protectors)

If cabinets are your only way to organize your pots and pans, it is best to sort them by size and stack them one inside the another. This helps to save the maximum amount of space in your cabinet, but you’ll want to protect the inside of your cookware (especially non-stick cookware). Make sure to place pot and pan protectors inside each to save those delicate finishes.

There are plenty of ways to increase storage with the right kitchen design. Looking for inspiration? Explore Perry Homes’ gallery of homes for some stunning and functional kitchen designs to maximize your space.

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7 Ideas for Storing Your Pots and Pans

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