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Welcome to The Backyard! As a leading Texas home builder, Perry Homes knows the importance of community. Our backyard is where you can find exciting announcements, the latest trends, tips for your Perry Home and so much more!

In The Kitchen

Panzanella Recipe

Watch Stacey cook al fresco as she prepares Panzanella in the outdoor kitchen of our 3435W plan....Read More

in the kitchen

Bruschetta Three Ways Recipe

Join Stacey as she prepares this classic antipasto three different ways...Read More

in the kitchen

Spinach Watermelon and Feta Salad Recipe

This delicious dish is great as a side or main course and is as versatile as our 3435W plan. Watch Stacey prepare...Read More

in the kitchen

Potato Pancakes Three Ways Recipe

The ordinary becomes extraordinary when Stacey cooks up Potato Pancakes Three Ways in our 1743W plan. Learn how...Read More

in the kitchen