7 Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2022

Modernize Your Home With These 2022 Interior Design Trends

With a new year comes a new set of interior design trends that will help you make a stylish statement in your home. Explore the most popular trends — from bold colors to cottagecore — anticipated for 2022 to keep your living space current, modern and fresh.

All-Over Color

Unlike the heavily neutral color schemes that have dominated home interior design in recent years, 2022 may mark a return to bolder hues. Do not be afraid to brighten up your rooms with a pop of cheerful yellow, orange or pink this year. Consider adding a pop of color to any space with colored glass, tiles, wall paint and more.

Black Accents

Dark-colored accents are a great way to provide depth and dimension to your home, especially in more minimalist spaces. Thoughtful touches of black will look sleek and stylish anywhere — from handles, railings and appliances to décor like lamps, mirrors and pillows. This interior design trend is perfect for adding striking contrast and making a statement in your home.

Natural Light

Natural light is an instant mood-booster. The more sunshine flows through your windows, the more you can enjoy enhanced outdoor views and abundant daylight. Natural lighting even provides various health benefits, like improved sleep, higher vitamin D levels and fewer seasonal depression symptoms. Perry Homes emphasizes natural light in each floor plan with large, wraparound windows, high ceilings and open-concept layouts available in most models.


Did you know cottagec ore was the top-searched design style in 2021? If you are unfamiliar with this term, picture a dreamy countryside cottage filled with dainty florals, wood and organic textures. This interior design trend will bring you back to your roots and encourage a slower, more sustainable pace of life. It is warm, cozy, quirky and nostalgic with muted and mellow colors that remind you of a simpler time.

Touches of Texture

If you want to elevate your fabrics and furniture, try experimenting with various textures! Materials like velvet, sherpa and boucle not only look luxurious but are also cozy and practical. This modern approach to design gives you a perfect balance of comfort and style that you can enjoy year-round.

Earthy Vibes

Although bright colors are making a comeback, nature-inspired design is here to stay in 2022. Plenty of plants, neutrals and greens are essential when bringing the best of the outdoors into your home. Earth tones like cream, brown and tan are both classy and comforting. They also provide an organic feel that communicates a sense of security and safety throughout your home. Plus, plants have been proven to reduce stress, boost productivity and increase air quality so you can breathe easier indoors.

Multifunctional Spaces

From versatile furniture for smaller spaces to the overall layout of your home, interior designers everywhere will be focused on making homes more practical and efficient from the inside out. This means taking a more balanced, thoughtful approach to functionality by crafting spaces that align with your current life and style. And many Perry Homes models offer MyFlex floor plans that allow you to do just that. Use this extra square footage to meet your family’s unique needs, your way.

Looking for more inspiration? Explore more interior design trends for each room of your home in Perry Homes’ expansive photo gallery. Then, find your dream home in one of Texas’ most desirable communities!

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7 Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2022

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